Pureology Colour Fanatic Has An Amazing 21 Hair Benefits

One of them is being an awesome detangler; another is making your hair smell fantastic (but there's oh so much more).

A hair product just can't get a leg up these days unless it has a number on the bottle, boasting of how many benefits it offers. I mean, truly. There was the Black 15 in 1 range that got popular a couple years ago (totally grease-making, mind you—so not quite the universal product they claimed).

Now there is Pureology Colour Fanatic, a "multi-tasking hair beautifer" with 21 benefits. Twenty-one! These guys are really trying to outdo each other.

But this time, I actually do think the product works. I've been using it for probably close to a year now (oopsie, forgot to write about it sooner!) and it's become an essential part of my hair routine. It's a lightweight spray—not as in an aerosol hairspray but like a detangling spray—and you're meant to mist it onto clean, damp hair prior to styling.

Because I didn't really read the label (again, ooopsie), I just assumed it was a detangler, and an awesome one at that. I've also been using it as a leave-in conditioner, since a lot of the time I skip the in-shower kind so as not to weigh down my fine hair. This spray gives just the right amount of moisture to make it easy to run your comb or brush through. Oh, and did I mention the scent? OMG, it's like a hair perfume.

It was only recently that I realized this stuff does so much more. Although it is called "Colour Fanatic," you don't need colour-treated hair to use it. It doubles as a heat-protector, so there's no worry about spraying in an extra product before blow-drying. It also combats frizz and static, and makes your hair feel softer and smoother. You can even use it on dry hair to refresh your style. The colour benefit is that it protects against fading and has a UV shield.

There's even more than that, but you get the gist. As with all Pureology prodz, the ingredients are 100 percent vegan and it's paraben-, alcohol-, salt- and mineral oil-free.

I can only highly recommend. It's one of those products that you didn't know you needed but once you have it, you can't imagine being without.

Where to buy

Find Pureology Colour Fanatic at Ulta and at Pureology salons (see here for locations).

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