Jennifer Love Hewitt Has Dyed Her Hair Blonde... Really Blonde

Bad dye jobs happen to celebrities, too.

Sometimes you feel bad that you don’t look as perfect as such-and-such-celeb [insert your favourite one here]. Then there are times like right now, when you see a photo of Jennifer Love Hewitt's new hair colour and realize celebs aren't so perfect, after all.

Bad colour happens, even to famous people! And this is real bad:

You probably know JLH as the hooker with a heart of gold on The Client List [or from Party of Five, if you're an old - Ed]. And you probably also know her as a brunette. Last time she appeared on Beauty Editor, we were contemplating her golden eyeshadow.

Poor Jen can't seem to catch a break. She recently stepped back into the spotlight following the birth of her daughter, Autumn, in November, debuting the newly blonde hair for an appearance on The Ellen DeGeneres Show.

While I get wanting to make a change, this just wasn't the way to do it. First of all, there's a brassy, yellowy-orange tint going on here, which doesn’t suit her skin tone. When you look at this side view, Jennifer's face becomes red, and her hair becomes yellow/orange. The unflattering brassiness is bringing out all the redness in her skin. Toner is needed ASAP! Unfortunately, brass tones tend to make a dye job look artificial and cheap, which happens more the lighter you go.

You'll also notice some dark pieces. Where are these coming from? Did the colourist simply forget these parts? Sadly, the effect is less multi-tonal (which I’m sure was the intention) and more like clip-in extensions that didn't match.

As for the highlights, I wonder if Jennifer requested to look like a high school cheerleader circa 2006? It seems to have ended that way. The foil highlights are the culprit; tone-on-tone balayage highlights towards the ends over a rich, dark blonde would have been a much better option.

You'll also notice how, in this third picture, starting around eye-level, her hair starts to turn orange. When you process hair (with colour OR bleach), you have to keep in mind the hair’s history. If it has been coloured before (as Jennifer’s surely has), then those areas will take longer to lift than the virgin hair, and any good colourist would have his or her own solution for dealing with this.

The good news is this is totally salvageable. As you can see, Jennifer is gorgeous; she is simply the victim of a bad dye job. To rectify it, I’d like to see a rich, dark, beige blonde instead of the yellow she’s currently rocking. I also want to see those curls brushed out and the ends lightened with some baby-blonde balayage pieces. We don’t need to do the reverse Ombré anymore; it's 2014. I mean really.

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