Mad Men Season 7 Premiere: The Best Celebrity Beauty Looks on the Red Carpet

Christina Hendricks, January Jones and more.

All good things must come to an end, including Mad Men. Le sob! It's the show's seventh and final season—can you believe it? Note to self: Stop going through the episodes on Netflix so quickly! I'm still in season five, but truth be told, I may just start all over again at season one, and really savour it. (No spoilers, please!)

But I digress. The stars stepped out for last night's premiere in their red carpet best, and we need to talk about it.

Christina Hendricks

So gorge. How is it that Christina never has visible roots and her hair always looks so vibrant, soft and shiny? Many many props to her colourist, Vanessa Spaeth. I also really like her simple mid-length hairstyle, and the bangs! Girl has really good bangs.

Her flawless makeup look (by her longtime makeup artist Vanessa Scali) was all about bold lips with a "smouldering eye." What's great about this is that both the lips and eyes are emphasized, but aren't too strong. They're still very much in balance and don't overwhelm her features or look too harsh.

Christina is wearing:Foundation // Blush // Eyeshadow in Éclair // Eyeliner in Black // Mascara (from roots to centre) // Mascara (from centre to tips) // Lipstick in Red Haute // Lip gloss in Bouquet Final

January Jones

When January Jones gets it right, it's so, SO right. But when she experiments, you often end up with something like this. It's just slightly off. I get what she was trying to do, but I think choosing either the messy braid OR the colourful eye makeup (not both) would've been a better decision. Together, I don't know where to look.

Hair first. Messy styles aren't my favourite for butter-wouldn't-melt-in-her-mouth January... but what's even more troubling are the contrast of colours in the braid. What IS that? Some kind of poorly advised lowlights? Betty would be none too pleased. She needs some colour correction to make the light and dark bits blend better so they're more tone-on-tone. And, well, some people pull off the messy braid—but I don't think January is one of them. Smooth and sleek styles for her, always.

The blue and gold eyes could've been cool if her hair was pulled all the way off her face. Makeup artist Rachel Goodwin used a blue on the top lash line, and a gold on the bottom lash line. Personally I prefer one or the other, but it seems like this two-tone look is a new trend right now—we saw it on Bella Thorne the other day at the Kids' Choice Awards. The lipstick seems too brownish for her.

January is wearing:Foundation in Beige // Eyeliner in Blue Exquis // Eyeliner in Or Rose // Lipstick in Cheri

 Jessica Paré

Yay! This is stunning. Have you ever noticed what a beautiful hairline Jessica has? It really is perfect, along with her face shape and bone structure, for this kind of severe high ponytail. Note how it's wrapped with hair, which is the best way to dress it up. Love.

I also love her makeup, and no surprise, one of my favourite artists, Mai Quynh, was behind it. The soft '60s eye was achieved with liquid liner as well as liner in the inner lower rim. This is one look I'll definitely be copying.

Jessica is wearing: Foundation in Fair Beige // Concealer in Fair // Powder // Blush in Tipsy // Blush in Glisten // Liquid liner in Black // Eyeliner in Onyx // Mascara in Black // Lipstick in Tipsy // Lip Gloss in Blissful

Elisabeth Moss

Elisabeth Moss seems to be getting much more comfortable lately with trying different makeup looks—which is great—but I just can't get on board with this one. On the one hand, a grey smoky eye with a peachy lip is a great combo, and especially runway-looking when the shadow goes all the way around, in the inner corners and all the way up to the brows. But that's the thing. I think a runway model could pull this off much better. Someone like, say, Lara Stone. On Elisabeth Moss, who is pretty but not the model type of pretty, the dramatic smokies just make her look tired, and even a bit scary. If she didn't have so much shadow underneath and in the corners, this would have been better.

At least her hair colour is improving though! It was so, SO dark the last time we saw her, at the SAG Awards. Now the black has faded into a more flattering deep chocolate brown. Still would like to see her with a lighter and more flattering shade to match her brows and skin tone.

Alison Brie

Who knew Trudy was so hot? I don't think I've ever seen Alison Brie off the show and on a red carpet—and now it's extremely evident that the outfits and hairstyles she has to wear really zap out her beauty. What I like about this makeup is how simple it is, and yet it makes her eyes really pop. It's all about the well-defined lashes, both top and bottom, which are balanced by a soft reddish lip. Then just a teensy bit of blush on the cheeks and her dewy skin.

Moving on to hair, Alison's a great example of that ashier tone I was talking about last week, except brunette—and she's got some very subtle golden tones in the lengths. Pretty, right? I'm really getting on board this natural hair colour train lately. Also note how it's been styled: loose, soft, brushed-out waves. Yep, separated, piecey strands continue to be a no-no. Keep on brushing those waves!

Which look is your fave on this red carpet?

Which one is a hell no?

Would you try the two-toned eyeliner? The smoky grey eyes?

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