Do or Don't: Lupita Nyong'o's Cat Ears Hairstyle

Are cat ears made of hair the most adorable thing ever—or do you prefer a tamer style?

Forget the cat eye. Let's talk about cat ears. How are more people not discussing Lupita Nyong'o's hair at this weekend's GLAAD Media Awards?! My inner cat lady is loving these twin mini Afro puffs in the perfect feline shape. Like, loving them more than any hairstyle I've seen on her. Or anyone. (I might not even be exaggerating there.)

But I understand if others might not feel the same way. I mean, talk about Girl Hot/Guy Hot. This is one look I doubt certain men would ever understand.

But that's okay, because the men Lupita has working for her right now comprise one of the best hair and makeup teams of any celeb in Hollywood. Pretty sure this would've been done by Ted Gibson, the cuddly teddy bear of celebrity hairstyling and What Not to Wear, with Nick Barose on makeup duty. (By the way, if there's one person you should follow on Instagram—besides me, of course!—it's him. That is, if you want to laugh about awful makeup bloggers and YouTube "gurus".)

But let's get back to my hairdreams. (New word; inspired by Caitie's skindreams and I'll probably be using a lot more of both, just to warn you.) Actually, come to think of it, these are my skindreams as well:

Good grief, she's radiant. In terms of makeup, I encourage you to take note not just of the bright colours, but also of the metallic finish on both lids and lips. This is the trickle-down effect of that Couture Week trend I wrote about last year, and also these runway textures. Not sure what the lipstick is, but the liner is Lancôme's Artliner in Turquoise. (I feel like we should all have this liquid liner, we've seen it on so many celebs now.)

As for the hair, the side view pic shows how the little puffs were shaped so precisely, with a strict, straight part on either side around the temples. Masterful!

And now I bring you Lupita with glasses, which takes the adorableness to the next level:

Right? Like a sexy futuristic feline librarian, or something.

I want the cat ears! But without this hair type, I'll have to settle for something like this... which just isn't the same.

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