Do or Don't: Sophia Bush's Cleopatra-Style Eyeliner

Bet you haven't thought of lining your eyes quite like this—but would you ever?

Just when you thought there couldn't possibly be another way to wear your eyeliner, along comes Sophia Bush with something new, different and exciting.

Well, maybe not exactly new. Apparently, Cleopatra was wearing her eyeliner this way in 40 BC—so you might say it was the original eyeliner application technique. But it's taken until 2014 (I think) to show up on a red carpet, thanks to Sophia's makeup artist, Tym Buacharern. I love a makeup artist (and a celeb) who isn't afraid to take a risk!

Here's the side view, where you can see how the liner dips well below the inner corners in graphic, baby Vs. Then it follows close to the lash lines before extending at the outer edges—not a cat-eye flick but a skinny curve that's another nod to Cleopatra.

Side note: how cruel is this camera or lighting person? You can see how they can make even the most flawless complexion look like the surface of the Moon.

Here's the full frontal:

In this pic, you can more clearly see how one would go about drawing those inner lines—if one wanted to replicate this, that is. (Could you? Would you?) At the tear ducts, the liner on the upper lash line goes right to the inner corner and then follows diagonally inward from there, towards the nose, to make a point before moving back up to meet the lower lash line.

No word on which specific liner Tym used, but I'd probably pick up something like the Chanel Stylo Yeux Waterproof. It's one of those liners that you twist up, meaning you never have to sharpen it and it always stays a fine point. (Unlike the thicker, smudgier line you'd get with the waterproof liners from, say, MUFE or Urban Decay.) I also like that the Chanel is a bit dry instead of creamy—that's perfect for your needs here.

If you were REALLY confident, you could get the look by tracing with a liquid liner, which tends to give an even skinnier line and is obviously the least smudge-prone of all. But it's also easier to mess up, so proceed with caution.

To go with the liner, Tym said on Instagram that he used "my favorite #104 and Double Up with #120" from Ardell; "love that combo". That's a lot of false eyelashes... and I don't like them. This is where the look goes south for me. I feel like the liner would've been cooler, edgier, more runway on its own with just mascara. The lashes cheapen it.

I'm also not loving the base (it looks like it's sitting on top of the skin, although that could be the camera again) or the reddish-brown eyebrows. And not crazy about that thick, nude, glossy lip... it feels so '00s.

Then again, when you zoom back out it's much better:

The bottom line? I really love the idea of this graphic eyeliner to bring a little evening drama, with hair pulled back and everything else fairly bare and neutral. (Read: no falsies.) It's like the next step after the "360-degree eye", which was the big liner trend last year. Now, we're not only doing the liner all the way around, but should consider emphasizing the inner corners, instead of the usual, expected outer edges.

What do you say—is this a beauty do or don't?

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