If Only You Could Smell These Éminence Organics Products Across the Computer

Meet the ultimate natural skincare starter kit from the organic brand celebrities love.

Wish you were here to smell these little pots of skincare goodness from Éminence Organics! Because if you've never had the pleasure of trying something from this brand, you'll be blown away the first time you do. (Heck, I'm STILL blown away every time I open something new.) The products are that fresh and ripe with natural ingredients that will literally make your mouth water.

This is their Detox Collection, the perfect introduction to the Hungarian natural skincare company (which was born more than 50 years ago, long before organic and natural became trendy). As you can see, they're not about generic white creams scented with synthetic chemicals. Instead, think jammy little products that feel like they could've been whipped up in somebody's kitchen from fruits, herbs and vegetables... except way more elegant, hard-working and without the two-day expiry date. In fact, thanks to natural preservatives like honey and lemon, their products typically last up to 12 months.

The Detox set is suitable for all skin types and is meant to calm the skin while restoring a radiant glow. It comes in this cool tube:

And inside you get six products (the serum is full-size and the others are travel-size):

If I had to pick my faves in here, they would have to include the Citrus cleanser, which I had a bottle of years ago and finished to the very last drop. I swear, it'll wake you up and make you happy every time you wash your face. I also love the Grapefruit Masque, a rare non-creamy mask, and the Sour Cherry Whip Moisturizer, which smells and feels like exactly that.

Seriously, this stuff is a delight for your skin AND your senses. They also have a zillion celebrity followers, which I was surprised and impressed by for what I thought was kind of an under-the-radar brand. Madonna, Jessica Biel, Alicia Keys, Gucci Westman, Dita Von Teese, Thandie Newton, Katherine Heigl, Anna Gunn and Paula Patton are just a few of the boldface names who use the products.

If you're at all into natural skincare—or skincare in general, really—then you've gotta treat yourself to something from this line, at least once in your lifetime. This kit is the perfect way to dive in!

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