Joe Fresh Makes Liquid Lipstick Now!

The colours go on super-bright, and blot down into the prettiest stains (they even work as cheek stains!)

Next time you're at the grocery store, you might wanna pick up one of these guys—they're the brand new lip launch from Joe Fresh for spring. Behold, the three brightest shades of the new Long Wear Liquid Lipstick:

Now, the premise of these is that they go on like a gloss and stain the lips to give them six hours of coverage.

Key word: stain. I found they didn't "set" like other long-wearing lip colours I've tried, from the likes of Make Up For Ever, for example. Those products tend to dry fairly quickly (and are drying on the mouth), and I wouldn't call their finish a stain—they look more like matte lipsticks, and then you apply the clear gloss as a top coat.

In contrast, the Joe Fresh Liquid Lipsticks are just a one-swipe thing (no top coat), and in a few separate rounds of testing, they never did dry down like what I expected from a long-wear product. Even after a good 30 to 60 minutes, the colour remains semi-wet for me, coming right off if I put a finger to it. (You actually have to be careful about not getting the stuff on your teeth!)

But that's okay. I can live with the fact that they're not transfer-free, because of a) the cheapie $8 price, b) the extreme moisturization and c) the stained effect, which is sooo pretty. If you've sworn off liquid lipsticks before because you hate how dry they can look and feel, then you'll definitely want to check these bad boys out. Also if you love lip stains—who doesn't love a lip stain?!

Here are the gloss-like wands:

And now I'll show you what I mean with the three different colours.


First up, Rouge, which is a vibrant, fire-engine red and the colour I was most drawn to. Slicked on straight out of the tube, you get a vinyl effect that sort of reminds me of Marion Cotillard's mouth at the Met Ball.

Because the product is quite liquidy, you need to be pretty careful with your application lest you stain yourself outside the lines. I recommend starting at the centre of the lower lip, carefully filling it in and then pressing your lips together before attending to the upper lip Cupid's bow area. You won't need to dip the wand in twice, as that will load up your brush too much.

It's such a look-at-me colour, and I love it... but I probably wouldn't wear it this way unless I was going somewhere fancy. Instead, I blotted it with a tissue to get this lovely stained effect:

Much less intimidating and this way, you don't have to worry so much about the transfer issue.


Next we have Fuchsia, which is just what you'd expect, an intense hot pink. Here's the initial application:

I like it, but I'm just in love with how it looks blotted down as a stain:

Right? I think the pink stain is much more unexpected than the red.

This also, FYI, makes a wonderful and long-lasting cheek stain. I know they don't say to do that, but while I was blotting down I thought I'd try it, and whaddaya know! It looks awesome on cheeks. The liquidy texture makes it easy to blend out (much easier than the Benetints) and it produces a really natural-looking flush. Try it!

Baie Sauvage

The third and final colour I tried was Baie Sauvage, a vibrant orchid. Here's what it does on the lips:

It's an amazing and unusual colour for sure, although truth be told, I'm probably more comfortable wearing a bold red or pink versus a purplish tone. Now here's how it stains:

Loved this effect too. But if I had to pick, my choice would be Fuchsia because of the gorgeous stain it produces for both lips and cheeks. They also have three other colours: Kiss, an apricot nude; Grapefruit, a coral pink; and Plum, a vampy deep red.

As for the longevity, yes—they're correct on the six hours, so long as you understand that is for the stained effect, not the vinyl finish (because that part will come right off on your fingers, coffee mug, etc.). On that note, I will repeat: before you walk out the door with one of these on, make SURE to stick your index finger in your mouth and pull it out to remove any excess. The teeth-transfer issue is very real; you've been warned. (But for $8 who can complain?!)

Where to Buy

Find the Long Wear Liquid Lipsticks at select Loblaws stores now.

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