CND's Summer Paradise Collection Has Landed!

Here's what I thought of the six new shades in the Vinylux weekly home polish system

Even though I'm a huge nail junkie, I'd never actually tried anything from CND until now. (Hard to believe, I know!) The brand, which stands for Creative Nail Design, was only available in salon treatments until last year, when they introduced their weekly home polish system called Vinylux. The premise: slick on the Color Coat like any regular nail polish—no base coat required—and then finish with the Weekly Top Coat, for a chip-resistant mani that lasts up to seven days.

Obviously, I was curious, and couldn't wait to try it out in the new Summer Paradise collection of bold, bright shades. (FYI, these same colours are available in Shellac as well.) I’ll tell you right away: it wasn’t all good, but it wasn’t all bad, either. Find out my hits and misses, plus swatches, below:

Cerulean Sea

This colour is a pretty simple cream blue that reminded me of the sky on a clear summer’s day. It looked really promising in the bottle, but I was super disappointed when I first applied it. It seemed like it would be really opaque, even on the brush, but my first coat was a sheer, watery mess. It wasn’t at all what I expected from this colour! Luckily, the second coat built it up to a somewhat nicer finish, but I didn't think it was anything special. And as you can see, it was still streaky and thin in some spots. I was definitely underwhelmed by this one.

Lush Tropics

After testing Cerulean Sea, I wondered if it was all going to be downhill from there. Were the other shades going to be equally disappointing? In the case of Lush Tropics, yes. The first coat was not pretty, and had the same extra-sheer coverage as the blue. Such a letdown! Again, the second coat evened things out and the end result was a pretty green, but I wasn’t in love. C’mon CND, I was expecting way better!

Electric Orange

Finally, a polish I love. Yay! The bright orange looks nice and creamy in the bottle, and comes out just that way on the nail. I was pleasantly surprised that the opacity was excellent on this. The pop of orange is perfect for summer nails and toes.

Bicycle Yellow

You can’t really tell in the photo, but this yellow has tons of pretty shimmer running through it. As far as opacity goes, it was great! But it was also a little on the thick side, and my first coat was a streaky mess. Two coats made it alright (the photo is actually making it look much better), but in person, you could still see some streaking and areas where the polish dragged off, leaving it thin. So the application wasn’t the best, but if you could work with it, it definitely makes for a cute spring shade.

Sultry Sunset

This pinky-purple and silver shimmer shade was really flattering on the nail (more so than in the bottle) and went on like a dream. The application was smooth and the polish was nice and opaque. Overall, it was really easy to work with and is a great colour, too. Much better than the blue and green in this collection, and I’m definitely preferring these shimmery shades to the creams.

Tango Passion

Like Sultry Sunset, this shade was excellent. It’s a deeper plum-purple with the same silver shimmer running through it. As far as application goes, I couldn’t ask for more. What a difference from the first two I tried from the collection! As for the colour, it’s definitely nice but I would’ve saved it for a fall or winter collection. I don’t think I’ll be grabbing this on those extra-hot and sunny days.

Vinylux Weekly Top Coat

I topped all of these colours off with the Weekly Top Coat for the swatches, but to really test Vinylux's longevity, I kept Tango Passion and the Top Coat on my nails for FIVE days to see how it would hold up.

In terms of chips, it was excellent; there were virtually none! But I must admit, the polish doesn’t hold its shine well. By the second day, I noticed my nails looked scratched-up and dull. Pretty much all the shine had gone, which was disappointing. I love super-glossy nails, so I wasn’t into the fact that it started dulling by day two. Otherwise, it's a really great technology for those who have chipping issues, and that trade-off will probably be worth it.

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Find CND's Summer Paradise collection at salons; see here to search for a location near you.

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