Dior Fluid Stick Is the Latest Must-Have Lip Colour Hybrid

It combines glossy colour with the most amazing watery texture.

Can I tell you? I'm having a bit of a Dior moment right now. As I mentioned in my latest video, there's a Dior lip balm I'm wearing tons lately (for days when I want bare-ish lips). Now today, you get to meet the new Dior product I'm loving for a pop of glossy colour.

It's not a lipstick, and it's not a gloss... it's the Dior Addict Fluid Stick. A few of you have been asking about it and no, you will NOT be disappointed. It's yet another of the lippie hybrids we're seeing so much of lately, and in my opinion one of the best yet.

Here's the concept: rich pigment and a shiny texture, but in a formula that is completely weightless on your lips. So, none of the goopy, sticky feel of a lip gloss. It just feels like a lightweight balm; extremely "comfortable" as they say in the French beauty biz.

And the best part? It's made with water, not wax. It's even a little bit cooling as you apply it.

I was sent a few shades to test out: 338 Mirage (a pinky-nude); 551 Aventure (a coral orange); 575 Wonderland (hot pink); and 754 Pandore (cherry red).

Here's the colour comparison on skin:

As you can see, they're nothing like regular glosses, which tend to be super-sheer and almost colourless. In comparison, these give you major colour payoff. But at the same time, I think the formula makes them a little more wearable than a full-blown lipstick. Is it even possible to describe them as simultaneously pigmented yet sheer?

I'll show you what I mean—let's take a look at the shades on my lips...

338 Mirage

I wasn't excited about 338 Mirage in the tube, but really loved it once I put it on. It's a subtle pinky-peachy-nude that would flatter any complexion, but I especially like it for fair complexions. Goes great with the YSL Baby Doll Kiss & Blush in Rose Frivole on cheeks (reviewed here).

551 Aventure

I don't normally reach for oranges, but 551 Aventure is a pretty wearable one, I think. Sometimes it's nice to go out of your comfort zone and play with different tones—say, a warm lip like this, which picks up on warm tones in the hair, and contrasts with cooler, pinker skin. This colour has just enough red in it to please regular red lipstick-wearers.

575 Wonderland

I cannot resist a hot pink lip colour in any way, shape or form, and 575 Wonderland is no exception. It's the obvious choice for my colouring, and I love it for a bright slick of sheer colour in the summertime. I'd much rather wear this watery form of hot pink during warm weather season than a regular lipstick.

754 Pandore

Last but not least is 754 Pandore, a bright cherry red and the boldest of the bunch. This, too, would make a pretty great evening statement—I'd wear it with hair up, lashes and a hint of blush. It will also make a great investment come fall.

So hard to pick a favourite! What do you think? There are also 13 more shades, including some gorgeous deep berries!

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Dior Addict Fluid Sticks are available online at the following retailers:

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