Trind Nail Polish Also Cares for Your Nails (Aww...)

Trind's Caring Colors and Treatments promise longer, stronger and healthier nails. Do they deliver?

Wouldn't it be great if nail polish was actually good for your nails?

That's the premise behind Trind, a European company specializing in nail care. Although they sell a full range of treatments, what’s REALLY unique is their Caring Colors range of nail polishes. Available in 48 shades, the colours are meant to keep nails healthy, especially when used in tandem with other Trind products. So basically: if you use all Trind, all the time, it would mean extra-gorgeous nails.

Let’s find out if they live up to their claims! I tried three shades of Caring Colors and the Keratin Treatment for Nails Kit.

Burst My Bubble

First up was Burst My Bubble, a bubblegum pink, and it was such a let-down. While the colour is gorgeous, the formula and application was truly terrible. Maybe I just happened to get a bad batch, but the polish was extra-thick and gloppy (see that bubbling?). Because of that, the brush was stuck together and wouldn’t fan out like usual polish brushes do, making it quite annoying to apply. Once I managed to get two coats on, it did look good—the colour is very pretty—but the application wasn’t worth it. There are plenty of other bubblegum-pink shades I could reach for whose application would be much better.

Mint Julep

After trying Burst My Bubble, I expected the worst from Mint Julep, this minty-blue shade. But it wasn’t nearly as bad, which is why I’m hopeful I just got an off bottle. The brush on this one worked great, and the formula was even a little on the sheer side, but built up well after the second coat. I really liked the colour, also! Such a pretty shade for summer, but as you can sort of see on my middle finger, I again had some issues with bubbling.

Miss O’Hara

This bright fuchsia pink, Miss O'Hara, was my favourite colour of the three. The application was better than Burst My Bubble, but not as easy as Mint Julep, either. It seems these polishes are really hit or miss in terms of formula… I wish they were more consistent. Miss O'Hara was a little on the thick side, but still pretty manageable and the brush worked just fine. This shade was also really opaque (which we all know I love), so that scored some major points for me.

Keratin Treatment for Nails Kit

The Keratin Treatment for Nails Kit is a duo meant to strengthen and moisturize weak and damaged nails. For a four- to six-week treatment period, you’re instructed to apply the Nail Restorer daily onto bare nails, and then add the Nail Protector over top to seal in the keratin moisture.

I tried it for one week, just to give you guys an idea of my results. Keep in mind that my nails are pretty healthy and they don’t break very often, nor are they brittle (I swear I’m not trying to show off!).

I started with the Nail Restorer, and it wasn’t a great start. The heavy, old-lady scent was a major turn-off and it made me not want to use it any more than the bare minimum of one application a day. Paired with the Protector, which I layered over top, I noticed normal growth after one week. However, my nails are pretty dry from all the acetone I use, and I did feel like it brought some moisture back to them and made them look a little healthier.

I do think that after extended use, it would definitely help brittle, weak nails. But for the price, they really better work on that scent! I also have to mention that I find their packaging pretty terrible. The long, clear plastic caps, found on both the treatment and colour bottles, just makes them look so cheap to me.

The Bottom Line

Definitely check out this brand if you really need the nail-care benefits. This would mean committing to using the treatments and colours together in order to get the best results. If you’re just going to try a colour or two, though, I’d say save your money and hit the drugstore; you’ll easily find similar colours, with better formulas.

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