The Sonia Kashuk Lip & Cheek Stain I'm Totally Obsessed With

Sure, the brush is a little wonky—but you'll get over it when you try this incredible two-in-one stain.

One of the BEST products that has crossed my desk this year is Sonia Kashuk's new lip and cheek stain. Well, it's sort of a stain—a balmy stain. And that's me wearing it right here.

I friggin' love it. It's called the Dewy Luxe Lip & Cheek Balm and it's been logging a lot of hours on my face these last few months, ever since I got an early PR sample at the beginning of the year.

I know it looks beat up, and I can't remember if it was like that originally or if it's from too much love on my part. What I do know is that the brush was wonky from the get-go. When I first opened the product, it was all splayed like this:

But hear me out—this wasn't even a disqualifier, because the actual tint itself is so darn good.

As you can see, this shade (called Enchanted) is a bright, happy, not-quite-hot pink. Basically the colour of my dreams and something I didn't really have in my collection, at least not in this kind of sheer, weightless, multitasking formula. (It also comes in Charmed, a glowy coral.)

Here's what Enchanted looks like on skin, unblended versus blended out:

There's the bit of dewiness that I think stays evident on the lips (since you're not really blending there). On the cheeks, if you look at my pic at the top, you're thankfully not left with any shine once it dries down. Nor is there any stickiness.

Another great thing is that it's way easier to blend this than a traditional stain, where you have to worry about it setting too soon. Because this is a gel-like balm, you've got more time to work with it; but then once it sets, it really does not budge.

The bottom line: go grab one of these cheap thrills ASAP! I promise, it's $10 well spent (even if the brush is screwed up).

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Find the Sonia Kashuk Dewy Luxe Lip & Cheek Balm at Target.

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