Bright Lip Lovers! Manic Panic Has Some Extra-Loud Lipsticks For You

As daring as the hair dye, minus the commitment.

Bright lipsticks have been big for a few years now—so chances are, we all have the requisite hot pink in our collections.

Except I bet you don't have a pink that's quite like the ones from Manic Panic.

Best known for their kooky-coloured temporary hair dyes, the alt-beauty brand has recently ventured into the makeup biz with their Lethal Lipsticks line of 27 shades, in textures ranging from matte to opalescent to metallic to velvet.

Let me tell you, these are NOT like other lipsticks you've tried. Thanks to Manic Panic's colour expertise, the shades are soooo much more unique, and include not just pinks but reds, purples, orange, black, green and blue—if you like that sort of thing.

Not to disappoint, but I stuck with the pink family when the brand asked me which shades I'd like to try. (What can I say? Joan Smalls does neon purple better than I ever could.) Even still, I was absolutely blown away by the three "wearable" colours I tried: Cleo Rose, Free Love and Hot Hot Hot.

They all fall under the matte collection, which I was also pleasantly surprised to find very comfortable and moisturizing. (How weird is it that a hair-colour company nails the matte lipstick thing, whereas so many I've tried from legit makeup companies are a total #fail?)

Here are the swatches (which don't even do the brightness justice):

And now here's the lowdown on each:

Cleo Rose

Cleo Rose is the name of both a Manic Panic hair dyeand this lipstick. (And in turn, named for movie legend Cleo Rose, a friend of Manic Panic founders Tish and Snooky Bellomo.) It's described as a "garden magenta pink" and is simply amazing. As you can see, it's a little warmer than the typical fuchsia, which tends to be cool-toned. Plus, it's verrry bright. I adore this for a bold update on predictable hot pink.

Free Love

Free Love is a matte pastel pink that's inspired by the 1960s. I would say it's better than most of its kind—as you probably know, this is a notoriously tricky lipstick type to get right. As always with pale mattes, it can accentuate any dryness; I found just smoothing it with a fingertip worked best. Since my skin is already so pale, I'd need to wear this with a lot more eye makeup than I have on here.

Hot Hot Hot

Hot Hot Hot is the lipstick equivalent of Manic Panic's popular Hot Hot Pink hair dye. It's described as an "electrifying neon matte pink"—words that had me at hello. And just look at it! Whose day wouldn't be made better by wearing something this fun and skin-flattering? I feel like the matte-ness makes it a little more sophisticated and less Barbie.

Your thoughts? I strongly suggest checking these out if you're looking for something daring and different...

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