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You'll Love Every Shade in CND's Modern Folklore Collection

When the cool weather comes (not that we want it to), this collection has every fall shade you'll need.

CND recently released a six-piece Vinylux collection for fall—yes, fall already!—called Modern Folklore. And the colours are beyond gorgeous.

While the brand didn't impress me that much the first time around, when I tried their Summer Paradise range, they totally won me over with these jewel-toned, perfect-for-the-crisp-weather shades (though I never actually want it to come).

With no base coat needed (hello money- and time-saving!), just the specially formulated Vinylux top coat, these polishes should last you a good seven days. Score. Here's the lowdown:

Locket Love

Locket Love is the prettiest pale gold shade that I've ever worn, and I'm not a gold girl. This one probably showed the most brush strokes of all the polishes, but who cares when it's this pretty, am I right? It was a breeze to apply and in two coats it was looking like gold, literally.

Fine Vermillion

The first thought I had when I applied Fine Vermillion was "Ooh, this is pumpkin spicy!" If a pumpkin spiced latte were a nail polish, this would be it. And surprisingly, I love it. (I thought I would hate it, going by the colour in the bottle—which is like a rusty orange shimmer.) Two super-easy coats make me think I'll have this polish on repeat come September. But really... please don't ever come, September.

Plum Paisley

It's not hard for Plum Paisley to win me over, since my all-time favourite colour is purple. So already, it got me there. But then it had to have a smooth, dreamy application, and even more purple in the form of a ridiculously gorgeous shimmer (which you can't entirely see, but it's there, I promise). It's so perfect that I drew the heart eyes emoji next to its name in my testing notes. I heart this colour so much.

Crimson Sash

I kid you not, my exact notes about Crimson Sash were: "OMG, this is freaking gorgeous." And it is. It's like the perfect sophisticated red that you've always wanted, but better because of that shimma. Plus, it's so smooth and easy to apply. Just look at it. Like, look at the beauty.

Indigo Frock

Indigo Frock, an inky blue-black, epitomizes why I get obsessed with fall colours. It's deep, dark, rich and mysterious. It applies so, so smoothly and looks damn good on.There's just nothing bad to say about anything in this collection.

Rose Brocade

My notes on Rose Brocade are: "Just stop." CND, you've outdone yourself this time! So okay, don't every stop, actually. Rose Brocade is that hint of something bright that you need in a fall collection. It's a deep magenta that's more jelly-like in consistency than the rest, but the application is just as easy and it's pretty opaque in two coats (three would probably make it perfect). This shade is to-die-for, as are the rest in this collection.

The bottom line: every colour in the Modern Folklore collection is spot-on for fall, and I'm completely smitten.

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Find CND’s Modern Folklore collection at salons now; see here to search for a location near you.

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