Love a Neutral Eyeshadow Palette? You'll Love This One (Especially the Price)

Urban Decay, you've got competition from Maybelline The Nudes.

Maybelline has come out with a new neutral eyeshadow palette, and not only is it really good, it also has a sweet price.

Let's talk price first. In Canada, The Nudes Palette sells for just $14.99, and in the U.S., $9.99. Where can you get 12—TWELVE!—eyeshadows for under $15? This happens never.

And fortunately, all 12 are colours you will actually want to use. Probably every day and every night; it's that versatile.

Here's a closer look at the shades. They look relatively untouched, but I've actually been using this palette since I was first introduced to it at the press launch in June. And I'm not even an eyeshadow person!

Pretty much every neutral you'd want to use is here: mid-tones for the crease; darker browns and charcoal for lining; shimmering coppers and bronzes for a smoky eye; and sparkly champagne and gold for the inner corners. They thought of everything.

And the colour payoff is decent! But it's not TOO strong, either. Sometimes, I find the pro makeup brand eyeshadows, like MAC, give me way too much pigment for the subtle looks I'm after, and are too hard to work with. Versus the luxe Guerlains and Diors, whose colours usually give you a softer wash. Maybelline's are more like that, which makes this palette quick and easy to use, and also a great choice for beginners.

This is how each colour looks on skin—and these swatches were all made in just one or two swipes:

I've been using shades 2, 5 and 8 a lot for contouring the lid, with 6 or 12 applied with an angled brush (wet or dry) closer to the lash line. I love 4 for evening, and 11 is a great goes-with-everything nude for daytime. Basically, you can mix and match these guys every which way.

See what I mean about Maybelline giving Urban Decay's $50+ Naked Palette some serious competition? Mind you, they're both owned by the same company now, L'Oréal, so perhaps that's why we're seeing a similar product for a lower price. Either way, we win!

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