The Best Blondes If You Were Blonde as a Child

It's probably your Life Colour.

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Q: I am in need of some hair advice. My hair is very fine and straight, and my natural colour was blonde until I was a teenager. Now, it is a mousy brown with gold strands. 

Since my colour is now what I consider a non-colour, I am constantly dyeing my hair—from blonde to red to brown and back again—and I can't seem to decide which one I should stick with.

Hayley isn't sure what hair colour she should stick with.

I would love advice on the right colour for me. Tips on a great cut that would work with my face shape would be great too! Thanks! — Hayley

A: Hayley, with this blonde colour, you hit the nail on the head. 

I think you look amazing with this tone—you look so fresh and vibrant. Any other colours would be fun to play with, but this is your Life Colour in my book.

Jenna Elfman at the 2013 Celebration of Dance Gala.

Agyness Deyn at the 2012 Empire Awards.

Rosamund Pike at the 2013 premiere of 'The World's End.'

Your cut is also so flattering. No need to change anything, as far as I am concerned.

To add another layer of play, it would be great for a change to wear your hair straight:

Jenna Elfman at the 2008 Charity Ball.

This could be achieved with a straightening iron.

If I may add another piece of advice, I would love to see you with larger glasses frames. We would see more of your eyes and face—this would be a good thing.


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