Do or Don't: Taylor Swift's Side-Swept Hair

Are you loving or loathing this heavily hairsprayed style?

Just when you think Taylor Swift has finally got her style together (her Met Ball appearance was sooo promising), something like The Giver premiere happens and she reverts right back to the old ways.

Red lipstick? Check. Heavy fringe of false lashes? Check. Tons of black liquid liner? Check. It could be 2014 or 2010—you'd never know, because her face is exactly the same. The makeup wears her instead of her wearing the makeup.

I always feel like she looks a bit uncomfortable in her red carpet dresses, too:

Not that this ballerina-esque Monique Lhuillier number isn't fabulous, though. I just think it was let down by the hair and the makeup.

But mostly the hair. Can we talk about this side-swept business happening here?

It's the female version of a combover.

I mean, I know what she was getting at—a sort of modern-day nod to a retro hairstyle—but the unnatural way it's been styled makes it so stiff and helmet-like for a young person. (Well, any age, for that matter.)

Bangs just do not fall like this unless you hairspray them to death... and she killed all the movement in the rest of the hair, too. I don't get why she can't loosen up a bit?

Note that the only thing here that wasn't overdone are her fingernails. They're short and bare.

How would you have preferred this look? Me, I'm dreaming of scraped-back hair, clean skin and lashes and maybe even a fuchsia lip, so it's not so matchy-matchy. Oh, and definitely different shoes...

Have Your Say

Do you think Taylor's look here is a beauty "do"?

Or if it's a "don't", what's bugging you the most?

How would you have styled this dress?

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