Come Witness Elle Fanning's Subtle Makeup Sorcery

Shimmery eyes, au naturel brows and red-stained lips? Yes, yes and yes!

Sometimes, we don't need to be show-offs.

Maybe it's weird to look to a 16-year-old for makeup inspo, but nevermind—I think we could all learn a thing or two from Elle Fanning's less-is-more approach on the red carpet. (After all, I'm the one who thinks many women wear waaay too much makeup.)

At the Hollywood Foreign Press Association’s Grants Banquet, Elle was just exquisite in my favourite combo of a dressy dress and easy, breezy hair and makeup.

Here's her head-to-toe:

Yeah, that would be a volumizing feature on the butt and hips of this Vivienne Westwood dress—and so who better than a 16-year-old to wear it? I'm just drooling over the sparkly Louboutins...

Now, here's the face close-up:

Gah! Stop it, Elle. Too much gorgeous all at once. Here are the things I love about this.

First of all, the blonde hair with the darker (and super-natural) brows. I think there's a real trend happening here, which we've seen not just on Elle but also Suki Waterhouse and brow goddess Cara Delevingne. Ever since my hair colourist, Tony Chaartook my hair more neutral/golden blonde instead of strawberry, he's left my naturally darker, ashy brows alone (he used to tint them slightly, so they'd harmonize with the red hair). I'm loving that high-contrast look right now, and use Benefit Gimme Brow in Light/Medium most often to enhance and "bulk" them up. Consider even going with Medium/Deep for a more striking look.

I also love the shimmery highlight at the inner corners of Elle's eyes; it's such a pretty look on fair colouring. Probably the most-loved illuminating product on the market right now is RMS Beauty Living Luminizer (on sale right now at J.Crew!). It's an amazing product and is all-natural, too.

Notice that Elle has a skinny little strip of black right at the roots of her upper lashes—which is a great trick to make them look thicker, instead of like she's wearing heavy liner. To do this, you just gently lift up the eyelid by holding your finger against your lashes, and fill in the space on your waterline with a soft pencil liner. For this, I love the Make Up For Ever Aqua Liner formula, which is waterproof.

Or, another great tool is the Too Faced 3-Way Lash Lining Tool, which features a triple-pronged tip that you push into the gaps between the lashes.

The last thing I love about Elle's makeup look is the beautiful red stain she's got on her lips. I've just discovered Bourjois Rouge Edition Velvet—which produces the prettiest, non-drying matte stain—and to say I'm obsessed is an understatement. Shade number 4 is my fave for a soft, peachy red that's really similar to Elle's lip look. These work on both lips and cheeks!

Here's how Elle's look all came together:

Her very Bill Angst-style, super-straight hair is the perfect low-key finishing touch! So don't put away that flat iron...

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