Lancôme's New Grandiôse Mascara is a Total Game-Changer

It promises length, lift and volume. Here's how it delivers!

Mascara is one of those beauty categories where, more often than not, my thoughts after test-driving one are just "meh". There are so darn many mascara launches (I swear I get sent at least 10 new ones per quarter), most so unmemorable that they all become a blur in my mind. This is why I write about mascara maybe twice, three times a year—tops. It's just not that exciting.

Every so often, however—like with Make Up For Ever Smoky Extravagant, MAC Extended Play Gigablack Lash, and now, Lancôme Grandiôse—I find something amazing. Not "meh" AT ALL.

Today I tell you about Lancôme Grandiôse, which I've been wearing for the past month now. I consider Lancôme to be THE mascara experts, and have long been a fan of Hypnôse (in all forms: original, Drama, Doll Lashes, etc.). Grandiôse is the first mascara franchise the brand has launched since Hypnôse, so it's a BIG deal.

The first thing you notice is the packaging. The cap is transparent, and inside is the signature Lancôme rose.

Next, you open it up and this is what you see:

That would be a swan-neck™ wand. Yep, they trademarked it, which seems a bit silly—but I was as surprised as anyone to discover that it's not just another mascara gimmick.

Why? Because the wand helps you coat every single lash from any angle, without feeling a loss of control (or accidentally hitting your nose and getting a bit mascara splotch there).

Plus, don't you always find it harder to do one eye than the other? This sturdy but angled wand makes it just as easy to get at your opposite eye. Seriously, wow!

Here's a closer look at the wand/brush:

I like that the bristles are pretty short, so they don't load up too much mascara to produce clumps.

But honestly, the best part—the game-changing part—is that this mascara lifts your lashes so much, you don't need to bother curling them.

Here's what I'm talking about. Below, on the left, is Grandiôse. On the right, my wimpy, colourless natural lashes.

No curling at all before application (nor lash combing). And I'm pretty pleased with the results! It's also a gorgeously rich, dark black that really makes the eyes "pop".

They do recommend a specific technique for the way you brush this through the lashes. First you start at the outer edge, then the inner corner, and then finally go through the middle. You can also push the wand a bit so some formula deposits at the roots for extra lash definition. I usually do that with all mascaras, and just clean up any excess on the lids with a Q-tip and non-oily makeup remover.

Now, I didn't notice anything super-special in terms of volumizing. And if you prefer a very defined, separated look, then this may not be the mascara for you, as it does have the tendency to make your lashes stick together a tiny bit. Personally, these weren't big enough problems to bother me at all—it's the ease of the wand and the lifting action that impress me here.

As for how it wears: very well! It's only been a month so far, mind you, but I've noticed no flaking or smearing, which is impressive indeed. Removal is pretty painless; definitely easier than many mascara formulas I've tried.

The Bottom Line

The fact that you can skip the lash-curling step—and basically do both sets of lashes in about a minute!—has made Grandiôse a new, time-saving staple in my makeup bag. Let me know what you think?

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