What To Buy From OPI's Nordic Nail Polish Collection for Fall

I swatched all 12 shades, and there's something for everyone.

I have to say, I really do love OPI. They're so consistent with their formulas and they always come out with such fun collections, which makes them one of my top three (or five... there are really so many) go-to polish brands.

This fall is no different with their recently launched Nordic collection, inspired by the northern lights in Finland, the fjords in Norway, and the colourful houses in Copenhagen. With 12 colours to choose from, there's literally something for everyone—even if (spoiler alert!) they're not all the most ground-breaking.

Sit back, relax and scroll through all the reviews, because this a big one. All swatches are sans top coat, by the way!

Going My Way or Norway?

Going My Way or Norway? is a light caramel shade that unfortunately wasn't very flattering with my skin tone. But if this colour is your thing—it would probably look tons better against dark skin—then the application is pretty peachy. It went on super-well in just two coats.

Ice-Bergers & Fries

Why do nail polish companies make brown polish?Does anyone out there really like it? I just can't get on board with this shade, Ice-Bergers & Fries. As for application, I found it to be a little watery, but it built up well in two coats. 

OPI With a Nice Finn-ish

OPI With a Nice Finn-ish is a bronze shimmer colour I never would have gone for on my own, but after trying it on my nails, I really loved it. Totally unexpected! Though some brush strokes are visible, it looks really good, and gives full coverage in two coats. Love!

How Great is Your Dane? 

I'm still not sure how I feel about How Great is Your Dane?. This dark grey-brown probably won't be my go-to dark fall shade, but it's still fine. I just find this collection went a little overboard with the brown tones, you now? In any case, this shade wasn't as opaque as I thought it would be on the first coat and went on a little watery, but the second coat always does its magic as usual. 

My Dogsled is a Hybrid

My Dogsled is a Hybrid is a sea-foamy green and easily one of my favourites from this whole collection, mainly because it's so unexpected—in the best way possible—amongst all these browns! It's fun to see a fall collection that has a little oomph, and this shade totally delivers. It immediately reminded me of that '50s retro mint colour, which made me love it even more. It applied perfectly, too.

Suzi Has a Swede Tooth

While this hot pink colour is probably not the most original, I really did like Suzi Has a Swede Tooth. I think it's a great shade and helps break up all the neutrals in this collection. The formula was ah-mah-zing and went on smoothly in two coats, so no complaints there. Plus, who doesn't love a good pink?

Do You Have this Color in Stock-Holm?

Do You Have this Color in Stock-Holm? is a blue-leaning purple that is borderline neon to me. While it is nice, it's not my top pick in this collection, especially out of the three purples. It did apply nicely, though, so if this is your colour, then totally go for it!

Can't aFjörd Not To

I'm so in love with Can't aFjörd Not To, a creamy orange, which unfortunately is coming off much more coral in the photo than it is in real life. It's not too bright, but not blah either, and it's just right for fall. Though it's a cream shade, I found it to look a little streaky after two coats, so I went for a third to make it perfect.

Viking in a Vinter Vonderland

On my note sheet, I literally wrote, "What I live for" underneath this colour, Viking in a Vinter Vonderland. Deep, rich shades just make me so happy, and this purple is the perfect alternative to black. And when are dark nails not chic? The answer is never. They are always chic. So get this on your nails, ASAP! Two coats to make it perfect, by the way.

Skating on Thin Ice-Land

I also live for shades like Skating on Thin Ice-Land. As you can see, OPI was really into purples (and browns) this time, with three of each. Thankfully, I'm loving this berry-ish hue. As you can see, it's a little patchy, with some lighter areas on certain parts of my nail. This photo was two coats, but I think a third would have made it really even. Other than that, I'm obsessing over this shade for fall.

Thank Glogg It's Friday!

I wasn't excited about this deep fuchsia shimmer, Thank Glogg It's Friday!, until I applied it. I absolutely loved it on the nails, and just like OPI With A Nice Finn-ish, the love came out of nowhere. If you don't dig it in the bottle, just give this one a chance, guys. It was super-opaque, too, which I always love. So thank glogg this shade exists. 

My Voice is a Little Norse 

Holographic glitter, come to me. I love this ish. I decided to apply My Voice is a Little Norse with no base, because quite honestly I thought it would look better than it did. It features tons of mini glitters suspended in a sheer grey base, so it's buildable on its own—but would definitely be amped up with a colour underneath. As far as glitters go, though, I kinda love them all, and this was no different... plus, it's holographic, so I cannot resist!

Where To Buy

Find OPI's Nordic collection for fall 2014 at professional salons and spas, and at ULTA Beauty.

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