Cara Delevingne's Red Lips and Smoky Eyes Will Mesmerize You

Simply breathtaking at the 'Face of an Angel' premiere.

Nope, I'm not over Cara yet. Not by a long shot. Not when photos like this come in—of the British model-turned-sometime-actress promoting her new film, 'The Face of an Angel', in Toronto recently.

Good Lord, she is a beautiful creature. 

I also noticed something when searching for intel on who did her hair and makeup. She doesn't travel with a beauty entourage, like other stars. I was surprised to find out that she just used local people, from here in Toronto: Wendy Rorong on hair and Brandi Boulet on makeup. It's not that they aren't super-talented, but A-list celebs usually don't leave such things to chance.

But I think with Cara, it just doesn't matter. You can pretty much do anything you want with this face, and she'd still look out-of-this-world gorgeous:

Even so, they did a wicked job. For this look, Wendy gave Cara a deep side part and soft, flowing waves that weren't TOO perfect—just loosened and fluffed with fingers.

Brandi's makeup has me going gaga even more. Cara is wearing slightly orangey-red lips with equally bold eyes; charcoal diffused all around the lash line and up to the crease, and a shimmery champagne up to the brows. No false lashes, of course, as her full brows are the perfect finishing accessory for any beauty look.

UPDATE: Just found out what Cara is wearing. On the lips, L’Oréal Paris Colour Riche Intense Cream Lipstick in 297 Red Passion, and on the eyes, L’Oréal Paris Colour Riche Eyeshadow Quad in 817 So Over It and L’Oréal Paris Colour Riche Le Kajal in Black.

Can I just say? I think this style of "supermodel" makeup is becoming a thing. As in emphasizing both the eyes and the mouth, and really going for the glamour. (Oh, and brows too—a darker full brow is key to this look.) We've seen similar makeup on Kate Upton a lot, and it's also reminiscent of a 1970s Jerry Hall. 

A few years ago, all of this would've felt too strong, but now I feel like it's just right. (Well, not for the office, mind you.)

And even though we're NOT supermodels here, I think it's something worth trying! The next time you have an appropriate occasion, how about test-driving a bold eye with a bold lip, and some glamorous waves? After all, I find the getting-ready part is often more fun than the event itself!

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