Reviewed: Lotus Wei's All-Natural Infinite Love Perfume

It might improve your love life.

If you love multi-tasking beauty products, here's one to add to your list: an all-natural perfume that doubles as aromatherapy.

More specifically, it's meant to boost your love life. 

Yep, that's the weird—and let's face it, kind of wonderful—premise for Lotus Wei's Infinite Love Perfume

I first read about Lotus Wei on No More Dirty Looks a couple years ago, and immediately added it to my wish list. A scent that would make me "feel lighter... giggly.... happy and relaxed... a me-at-my-best feeling"? Yes, I needed that!

What It Does

Lotus Wei Infinite Love Perfume comes in a handy, purse-sized mist.

All of Lotus Wei's scents contain pure flower essences, suspended in water, and they claim that this "liquid energy" will help transform your mood and your mind through your acupuncture meridians. 

That sounds pretty out there, but the founder has been working with flower essences for 15 years, and says she's seen all kinds of transformations, including people who:

  • Get new jobs, go after new clients, claim their worth, do something they’re afraid of
  • Communicate more clearly, ask for what they want and know they deserve it
  • Dissolve negative emotions quickly and learn from them
  • Be kinder to themselves, accept themselves 100% as they are and feel beautiful
  • Let go of people and situations that are having a negative effect on them
  • Work and live with ease and effortlessness instead of chaos and distraction
  • Be more present, patient and tuned in to loved ones
  • Feel flexible and free of attachment to people or needing love from outside
  • Attract the loves of their lives or re-kindle relationships with partners
  • Feel like they’re always in the right place at the right moment

Who wouldn't want some of that? 

The other scents include Pure Energy, Inner Peace, Quiet Mind and Inspired Action. But Infinite Love speaks to me the most!

It is a "honey citrus floral" blend of rose, red mandarin and honey, in an organic grape alcohol base. These are its specific actions:

  • Experience: Unconditional love for yourself & others; attract love + affection, enhanced magnetism, attractiveness + charisma. Magnifies gentleness, compassion, softness + receptivity.
  • Dissolves: Irritation, being hard on yourself, hard heart, feeling attacked, resentment, anger, jealousy, codependency, giving away all your energy to others and forgetting your own needs, past trauma, breaking through old patterns.

And here are the ingredients:

Vitus Vinifera (Grape Alcohol)*, Essential Oils of *Citrus Deliciosa (Red Mandarin), Pelargonium Roseum (Rose Geranium)*, Monarda Fistulosa (Monarda), Cymbopogon Citrates (Lemongrass), Rosa Damascena (Rose Absolute), Rosa Damascena (Rose Wax), and Apies Millifera (Beeswax Absolute), and Hand-collected Flower Essences of Bauhinia Blakeana (Hong Kong Orchid), Epilobium Augustifolium (Fireweed), Magnolia Liliflora (Pink Magnolia), Hieracium Aurantiacum (Hawkweed), Nelumbo Nucifera (Lotus) and Gem Essence of Pink Tourmaline. *Certified Organic

My Experience

Bring on the Infinite Love!

I've found that Infinite Love really does help me to feel relaxed, gentle and calm after I mist it on. It's hard to describe, but you get this sense of "lightness." 

You do need to spray it on every two hours or so, as like most natural scents, it doesn't have the staying power of chemicals (which is fine with me!).

Also realize that it's not the typical "sexy" fragrance; it's definitely more botanical/floral than mainstream perfumes. If you wanted to layer, I think its citrus notes would pair nicely with a vanilla, such my beloved Lavanila Vanilla Grapefruit.

All in all, I'm so glad I added Infinite Love to my fragrance collection. It's a fantastic pick-me-up with the most compelling "benefits" I've ever seen in a fragrance—and now I can't wait to add more of these to my collection!

Where to Buy

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