Beauty Dare: Hot Pink Liquid Liner Exists, and I Tried It

Because if Dior says it's okay... it must be.

Dior Addict It-Line Liquid Eyeliner in It-Pink

Every few weeks, a beauty product crosses my desk and makes me go, "Hmmm... Could I? Would I? Should I?" 

These are the products I get sent in between all the usual boring suspects (if beauty PRs send me any more smoothing shampoos, micellar cleansers or pink lip glosses, I could open up my own store). No, I'm talking about stuff that pushes the beauty boundaries a little bit... or a lot! 

I've already mentioned some of the most bizarre ones: boob tattoos, beauty cigarettes, Poo-Pourri and the vagina visor. Now I thought it would be fun to explore the "out there" beauty products (of a slightly tamer variety) in a regular series: Beauty Dares! 

The premise: I'll do the test-driving, because these are probably some of the last products you'd consider as candidates for your hard-earned cash. (That is, if you're anything like me, one of the most conservative people around when it comes to my own makeup and hair routines.) Then we'll decide: weird... or wonderful?

To kick things off, we're gonna start with one of the most exciting/scary makeup products I've received lately, the Dior Addict It-Line Liquid Eyeliner in It-Pink. Exciting because hot pink! And scary because oops... it's meant for the eye area.

Have you ever seen such an elegant hot pink liquid liner? The answer is no.

The packaging alone is amaze! This liner also comes in black, purple and electric blue, but the hot pink had me at hello. 

Yes, this actually IS the colour.

And it's not like it tones itself down once on your skin, either:

This pink puts most of my lipsticks to shame.

So unexpected—and frickin' COOL—for a posh brand like Dior to come out with such a thing. (Edgier Make Up For Ever, Stila and Sephora all have pink liquid liners already.) I knew I had to try it.

So here's where we're starting from, my boring no-makeup makeup. 

Before rocking my own world with hot pink liquid liner.

My plan was to wear the hot pink liquid liner totally runway-style—against an almost-bare fresh face, without any other colours to distract from it. I also kept the brows soft (using Tarte Colored Clay Tinted Brow Gel) so they wouldn't compete too much with the eye action.

I started out by drawing a single, skinny line right close to the upper lashes and with super-gentle flicks at the outer edges.

"Hmmm, this isn't so scary..."

By this time, I realized blush was desperately needed, so I patted on some Lipstick Queen Oxymoron Lip & Cheek Tint in Open Secret.

Here's what it looked like with open eyes:

Can you tell I'm not loving this?

Okay. It's there, but it's not really there. Because of my hooded eye shape, the thin line doesn't really show up... so you're left kinda wondering, is that deliberate? Does she have an eye infection? What is going on? I wasn't so into this. But your mileage with a skinny line may vary, if you have more lid space to work with.

I decided I had to fully commit to the colour. I went back and layered on an even thicker pink line (like what felt uncomfortably thick), and decided it needed "grounding" with black liquid liner as well. 

Drawing this thick of a line makes me nervous in ANY colour, let alone hot pink.

I applied the black closer to the lash line so that it would give the illusion of thicker, fuller lashes, and help my eyes to still 'pop' (since the pink wasn't doing me any favours in that regard).

Guess what? That did the trick! I was so, SO surprised. Here's the new and improved, final look:

Am I duck facing here?!

Mission accomplished. The addition of the black liner gives my eyes needed definition, and the thicker pink line makes the colour seem more deliberate—it's more of a statement. Maybe hot pink liquid liner isn't so scary, after all?

What surprised me the most is how the hot pink is actually flattering to my complexion. Which I guess makes sense, since I wear the shade on my lips all the time. I kinda love it with the similar pinky tones on the lips and cheeks; it all seems to harmonize quite well together.

Makeup complete, I decided I needed to go to Shoppers Drug Mart like this, even if it was 10pm. (I did say this was a Beauty Dare, after all!) I can't be sure if people were looking at me because they liked it, hated or... or simply because I was staring at them first, willing someone to notice my hot pink handiwork!

The Verdict

Would I wear this again? I think with the right outfit and for the right occasion—nighttime and with suitably 'fashiony' people—I'd give this a resounding YES! And believe me, nobody is more surprised about that than I am.

Where to Buy

Find the Dior Addict It-Line Liquid Eyeliner at:

Here are some other hot pink liners (liquid and otherwise) to check out:

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