Léa Seydoux's 10 Best Hair and Makeup Looks

The newest Bond Girl is a MAJOR beauty chameleon.

There's a new Bond Girl in town! And it's 29-year-old French actress Léa Seydoux. Word is, she's signed on to star alongside Daniel Craig in the next 007 movie, scheduled for release in November 2015. 

While her new role will no doubt make her a household name in North America, Léa is actually no stranger to the red carpet—nor is she a beauty wallflower. Over the last few years, the 'Saint Laurent' star has showcased a vast array of beauty looks in Cannes, Paris, London and Berlin. Let's take a look at her 10 best.

1. Bedhead Brunette Hair with Fresh, Matte Skin

Léa Seydoux at the photocall for 'Midnight in Paris' in Cannes, 2011.

And this is why French girls have that reputation for effortless, je ne sais quoi beauty. I'm pretty sure that if I showed up somewhere with my hair like this, somebody would hand me a brush. On Léa, it's perfect, though. I love how the mussed-up hair counters the dressy dress. And while her makeup is pretty bare, the matte skin texture keeps things refined.

2. Textured Braid and Cherry Lips

Léa Seydoux at the premiere of 'Mission Impossible: Ghost Protocol' in London, 2012.

Léa went a little blonder here, and pulled her hair into a well-executed chunky braid, tossed over one shoulder. It's got just the right amount of texture, with a few pieces casually pulled out around her face. Love the hair-wrapped elastic at the end, too. Eyes are subtly shaded, and then there's that semi-sheer lip colour—it totally reminds me of the finish of Fresh Sugar Lip Treatment in Cherry

3. Glam Blonde Waves and Smoky Eyes

Léa Seydoux at the premiere of 'Les Adieux à la reine' in Berlin, 2012.

God, the French really know how to do it on the red carpet, no? Léa almost puts the Hollywood set to shame; she's always tasteful, never overdone. I love these soft, brushed-out waves in a deep side part and pinned back on one side. (Note to self: copy them ASAP.) She also wears a smoky eye SO well. Everything here looks touchable and effortless.

4. Short Crop with Flushed Cheeks and Stained Lips

Léa Seydoux at the Miu Miu show in Paris, 2012.

And then, she cut all her hair off. But it looks just as good on her as the long. How is that possible, or fair?! The gamine crop draws even more attention to Léa's blue eyes, full lips and flawless skin. (And I do mean flawless... just look at it.) I'm obsessing over the blush, which is utterly seamless, and the stained lips. 

5. Tousled Blonde Bob and Peach Makeup

Léa Seydoux at the photocall for 'Grand Central' Cannes, 2013.

See what I mean about being a beauty chameleon? As her hair grew out to chin-length, Léa went blonder and wore it in this tousled, wavy style. Super seksi. As usual with her, it looks so natural—not at all like she curled it with an iron. The subtle peach blush and lip colour compliment her skin tone perfectly.

6. Textured Red Lob and Long Lashes

Léa Seydoux at the photocall for 'Saint Laurent' in Cannes, 2014.

Now begins Léa's red hair phase. She reminds me of Emma Stone a lot in this photo, with it styled in a long bob and with loads of texture. Notice how it's not actually curled, just bended and twisted for piecey separation. (I might have to reconsider my stance on that, this looks so good!) I think this might be the only time we've seen Léa wearing false lashes, too. As expected, they're very tasteful, and there's a tiny bit of blue shadow near the lash line to echo the colour of her blazer.

7. Red Side Bun with Vampy Lips

Léa Seydoux at the premiere of 'Saint Laurent' in Cannes, 2014.

Léa brought out the drama here, with a chic, wavy side bun and dark burgundy lips. The lips are vampy, literally—they were filled in with Chanel's now-discontinued Le Crayon Lèvres Precision Lip Definer in Vamp. (Try Amarante instead.) It almost looks like her hair is a darker red than before, although it might just be the lighting.

8. Red Vintage Waves and Navy Smoky Eyes

Léa Seydoux at the BAFTA Awards, 2014.

Another dramatic look, this time involving the most artful smoky eyes I think I've ever seen. (This Lancôme palette is what she's wearing, and you can get the full makeup breakdown here.) I love how the shadow extends up to the brows (which are kept natural), and varies in dimension from silvery at the inner corners to dark navy at the outer edges. The highly stylized vintage waves feel just right with this intense makeup.

9. Low Blonde Pony and Matte Makeup

Léa Seydoux at the premiere of 'Saint Laurent' in Paris, 2014.

Back to blonde, and what a lovely return. Léa clearly has one of those skin tones that can handle almost ANY colour. Here, she's all delicate and understated beauty, with a sleek low ponytail and barely-there makeup. Again, notice how it's all matte: matte skin, matte lips, matte eyes. Even the brows aren't filled in to the extreme, nor is she wearing much mascara. Hmm... maybe we tend to overdo it here in North America?

10. Loose Blonde Waves and Bold Red Lips

Léa Seydoux at the Miu Miu show in Paris, 2014.

Our last look might be my favourite: a newly bold blonde hair colour, with lipstick to match. I love how the lighter hair colour makes Léa's skin look more porcelain, and really brings out the blue of her eyes. Then there's the matter of her crazy-full lips. They look amazing in this full-on, cool-toned red!

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