Beyoncé Got Short Bangs and the World is Freaking Out

Cue the "Drunk in Love" references.

Beyoncé debuted these babies (baby bangs—get it?!) in Paris this week.

If you were anywhere near social media this week, then you probably heard about the #bangcopalypse—Beyoncé got bangs!

And not just any bangs. Short bangs. Baby bangs. Like the kind Bettie Page had, and what I kinda cautioned against in the whole best bangs for your face shape series.

Although, I suppose if anyone is going to attempt to pull them off, it should be Beyoncé. She does have a perfectly oval face, which is the best shape for them. And of course, it doesn't hurt that she's got ridiculously good hair and her perfect, possibly slightly enhanced facial features.

Here's the before and after comparison:

Beyoncé at the MTV Video Music Awards in August (left) and in Paris in October (right).

And here's what they look like from the side. Your makeup, eyebrows and skin quality better be ON POINT, 24/7, for a cut like this one. (Although I'm not even sure it's a real cut... is it?) Anyway, the style is super-unforgiving:

The side view of Beyoncé's new short bangs.

What I find amusing about this whole development isn't the fact that the world is freaking out with Blue Ivy and "Drunk in Love" references—that's to be expected when someone as A++ list as Bey does something as "radical" as this. (Even though I don't think these bangs are that big of a deal... I actually like them! But more on that in a sec.)

It's that there's a freak out over the freak out. The Daily Beast is shouting about how the media must "stop objectifying women." Apparently, we're not supposed to notice or talk about celebrity haircuts because it's none of our business, and there are better things to worry about—like world peace and starving children.

Are they new to the internet or something? It always irks me when people get their knickers in a knot about the celeb world—as if you can't be a person who cares about serious issues but who also enjoys the "escape" of looking at, reading about and talking about celebrities. (It's the reason why some people still don't get the concept of the Before and Afters.) 

Also, at least on this blog, we talk about Beyoncé's hair—and any other celeb's beauty changes—because we want to know, what does it MEAN? Are we all going to be sporting baby bangs in six months' time?

Will baby bangs be the next big hair trend?

As cool as I think they look on Beyoncé—especially with that winged eyeliner and the pink lipstick—I hope this doesn't start a trend! Because the last time a hairstylist trimmed my bangs above my brows, I actually cried. (Hence the reason I won't let anyone but Bill touch them now.) 

But if you're one of those rare people who has the right features, face shape and a Beyoncé-ish personality... and are prepared for a looong growing out phase... then hell yes, copy this. I think they can look great! See Krysten Ritter for more baby bang ideas.

As for the rest of us, these bangs are kind of a reminder that we CAN'T pull something like this off. And Beyoncé CAN. Because she is Beyoncé. And we are not. No wonder she's friends with Gwyneth Paltrow....

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What do YOU think of Beyoncé's bangs? Do you prefer her with or without? Are we "objectifying" her by noticing them?

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