Halle Berry Has a Wavy Bob Now, and It's Her Best Hair Look Ever

Maybe THIS is Halle's Life Cut.

Halle Berry at the 2014 Emmy Awards.

There's no question that Halle Berry rocks the pixie cut—and has for years. But that's the thing. There aren't that many ways to really change it up, so it's a lot of Samey McSamerson. (Unless you're Ginnifer Goodwin, that is, and pair your short hair with all kinds of daring, colourful makeup.)

Halle, however, doesn't exactly stray from her palette of nudes. So even though I admire her insane genetics (she's 48, is that cray or what?!), her short hair-neutral makeup schtick has been boring to me for ages.

Until now! Will wonders never cease; the woman went and got herself a brand new bob:

Halle Berry at the 2014 Golden Heart Awards.

It is SPECTACULAR. Just below her chin, tone-on-tone highlights at the ends for a slightly beachy feel and the most perfect tousled texture. Forget the pixie. This is your Life Cut, Halle.

Also, though one would think it hardly possible, she looks even younger now:

Halle Berry in August (left) and in October (right).

Do you think she reads Beauty Editor? Because none of us were feeling that short haircut with the tapered '80s bangs when we saw it in August. (I quote Caitie: "Halle B's hair was a mess.") So maybe that was the last straw. 

Let's also give thanks to Kristen Ess, who was the hairstylist behind Halle's new chop. She's Lauren Conrad's go-to hair guru, too, and also runs The Beauty Department. (Did I ever mention we met a couple years ago when Kristen was in Toronto? She just GETS hair.) Of Halle, Kristen wrote on her Instagram: "Literally the most stunning human on this planet. Such an honor to [cut] this bob today."

Wait. Cut? Yes. Somehow most of the world (or at least me!) missed it when Halle had her extensions put in a month ago:

Halle Berry with Djimon Hounsou at the 2014 CAA School Day event.

Also very nice... but I like the flirty, textured bob even better. It's more on trend and statement-making. And it goes great with what seems like a new direction in her fashion choices as well: 

Halle Berry's dress is Michael Kors.

This Michael Kors body-con dress—gimme! It looks fantastic on her, and I can't remember ever seeing her in white... or blue, for that matter. She really was in a rut of neutrals.

Also notice how she's lightened up on the smoky eyes we're so used to seeing her in (and fixed that ashy eyebrow situation):

Halle Berry's fresh-faced makeup and tousled bob.

The entire look is just fresher, younger and more modern. I'm so glad I can finally get excited about her beauty looks again. Welcome back to the fold, Halle!

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