Demi Lovato's 10 Best Hair and Makeup Looks

The new global ambassador for NYC New York Color is fearless when it comes to beauty experimentation.

Last week, we looked at French ingenue Léa Seydoux's beauty retrospective. This week, with Demi Lovato, it's a totally different kind of beauty vibe—a radically experimental one. The 22-year-old actress and singer has gone from brunette to blonde to pink and blue (!) hair colours, and tried just about every eye and lip look out there. 

It's no wonder she was recently named the first-ever global ambassador for makeup brand NYC New York Color. Could there BE a better representative for having fun with beauty? Let's take a peek at Demi's 10 best looks.

1. Long Brunette Waves and Sheer Red Lips

Demi Lovato at the 2008 Teen Choice Awards.

Aw, I would never have recognized little 16-year-old Demi here! She's absolutely adorable in the long, shiny brunette waves with a little bang pushed over to the side. Also, what a difference skipping the spray tan makes. Her skin looks beautifully pale and porcelain against the dark hair and the sheer red gloss. It's too bad about the eyebrows. I guess not everyone born in the '90s managed to escape that trend....

2. Voluminous Hair and Perfected Skin

Demi Lovato at the 2010 People's Choice Awards.

Two years later, Demi was looking a little more grown-up, with a darker (nearly black) hair colour and a gorgeous voluminous style with tons of lift at the roots. She's still rocking the pale skin, and I love how it looks with the sheer lip gloss, contrasting against her dark eyes and hair. Super-pretty.

3. Highlighted Waves and Coral-Pink Lips

Demi Lovato at the Padres Contra El Cancer Gala in 2010.

Now here's a totally different Demi! (What did I tell you?) With some tone-on-tone highlights and a bit of a spray tan, she's almost unrecognizable compared to the first two photos. But this is gorge, too—I love the flirtiness of the waves pinned back on one side, and the matching flushed cheeks and lips in a coral-pink. Notice how her eyebrows are tinted to match the new hair colour. It's little details like that that keep everything seamless.

4. Half-Up Brunette Waves and Glossy Lips

Demi Lovato at the 2011 Teen Choice Awards.

By 2011 (age 19), it was back to brunette, and if I'm not mistaken, some extra-long extensions. This look has a bit of a '60s feel, with the half-up wavy hair and pale lip gloss. But as always, there's a fun Demi twist: can you see the sparkly gold shadow at the inner corners of her eyes? 

5. Blonde Side-Swept Waves and Red Lips

Demi Lovato at the 2012 MTV Video Music Awards.

The following year, Demi went light blonde, and weirdly, her skin tone pulls it off really well. (Who woulda thought?) The side-swept waves are a modern interpretation of the classic Hollywood hairstyle—they're extra-tousled and textured—and are complimented by the bold, matte red lips. Love the fuller eyebrows here, too, although not the crazy-long lashes.

6. High Pink Ponytail and Pink Lips

Demi Lovato at the season 2 auditions for 'The X Factor' in 2012.

This one's my favourite, despite the skinny eyebrows and the heavy use of bronzer/spray-tan! There's just something about this high, cheerleader-esque ponytail in candy-coloured pink that is awesome. Love the extra touch of the hair-wrapped elastic, and did you notice her cute freckles?? With the pink lips and blush, and the sun-kissed skin, the colour palette here is super-flattering on Demi.

7. Straight Blonde Hair with Bangs and Smoky Eyes

Demi Lovato at the 2012 iHeartRadio Music Festival.

Now we're back to all-over blonde, but in a brand new style: super-straight and with eye-grazing bangs. I love this one, too—why can't MY hair do this?! The makeup is heavier here, with jet-black smoky eyes and bold pink cheeks. For a music event, however, she can get away with it. Still looks great!

8. Bright Blue Updo and Pink Eyeshadow

Demi Lovato at the premiere of 'Frozen' in 2013.

Bye-bye, blonde! In 2013 (age 21), Demi started experimenting with the My Little Pony hair colour trend. I liked this blue on Katy Perry, so it's no surprise that Demi pulled it off as well. What gets me here, however, is how great it looks with her flawless skin and the pink eyeshadow. Holy confidence! Wisely, she kept the lashes pretty minimal and matted the lips right out.

9. Long Ombré Hair and Illuminated Skin

Demi Lovato at the American Idol XII finale in 2014.

And the beauty experiments continue. Earlier this year, Demi traded the blue for an Ombré, and not only that—she shaved one side of her head! Somehow, it ends up looking cool on her, with the long hair just grazing her forehead and swept over the opposite shoulder. I'm obsessed with how her skin looks here. Those cheeks are so glowy, I might need to re-think my stance on shimmer blush.

10. Teal Tips and Bronzed Skin

Demi Lovato at the 2014 Vovo SuperFanFest.

Last up is Demi's latest, which combines the almost-black hue she had in 2010 with the blue from 2013 just at the tips. She's still shaving the one side of her head; in fact, she added a few horizontal stripes there. I'd love to see more natural brows, but as always, her skin looks fantastic. And somehow, the tan is working with the bold hair statement and fuchsia outfit, since her makeup is otherwise very neutral. Demi can get away with just about anything, it seems!

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