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OPI's Holiday 2014 Nail Collab With Gwen Stefani is Here!

And I swatched all 18 shades, just for you.

OPI's Holiday 2014 collection

I love it when a new polish collection comes around, and this holiday season, I'm most excited about OPI’s collaboration (yet again) with Gwen Stefani, a.k.a. the queen of cool. 

There are 18 limited-edition shades, and I know you’re probably dying to see them in action. So let’s get straight to the good stuff with some swatches (two coats each, with top coat, unless I noted otherwise) plus my thoughts on every colour. Enjoy!

Christmas Gone Plaid

OPI Nail Lacquer in Christmas Gone Plaid

Christmas Gone Plaid is such a gorgeous forest green! This went on really well in two coats and is the most perfect Christmas-tree shade, no?

Cinnamon Sweet

OPI Nail Lacquer in Cinnamon Sweet

Cinnamon Sweet is the deep, warm red of your dreams. Can you believe this swatch is only ONE coat? Yes, just one! I'm obsessed! Obviously, it went on perfectly and I can’t wait to break this out again. You need this if you’re in search of the ultimate red.

Snow Globetrotter

OPI Nail Lacquer in Snowglobe Trotter over Cinnamon Sweet

Here’s Snowglobe Trotter over TMPR (the most perfect red), Cinnamon Sweet, and how cute is it?! There couldn’t be a more perfect name for this top coat, because I feel like there are little white and iridescent snowflakes on my nails. Such an adorable glitter topper!

Rollin' in Cashmere

OPI Nail Lacquer in Rollin' in Cashmere

Rollin' in Cashmere was my least favourite of all 18 shades. I’m just not into this frosty gold—plus, I can do without the visible brush strokes. But if this is your thing, it did go on really easily in two coats.

First Class Desires

OPI Nail Lacquer in First Class Desires

I wasn’t expecting to love First Class Desires as much as I do—it looks way better on the nails than it did in the bottle. The deep eggplant base pairs so well with the gold shimmers, and is so holiday-appropriate. Love!

Fashion a Bow

OPI Nail Lacquer in Fashion a Bow

Fashion a Bow was easy to apply, but the consistency was a little more thin and watery than I would like. It’s a bright reddish-orange (that is much more orange-toned IRL than in these photos), which isn’t bad, but I just didn’t love it. I’d say pass this one up if you’ve got something similar.

I’ll Tinsel You In

OPI Nail Lacquer in I'll Tinsel You In over Fashion a Bow

I layered I’ll Tinsel You In over Fashion A Bow and I must say, this looked a lot better than I thought it would. Although it’s not my favourite of the four glitter toppers in this collection (and I’d like it much more if it didn’t have the random squares in it), I thought this top coat's teeny, rounded black and white glitters looked pretty great over the red.

Unfrost My Heart

OPI Nail Lacquer in Unfrost My Heart

Since I've already found my ultimate silver (OPI’s Push and Shove from the first Gwen Stefani collection), I didn't have high hopes for Unfrost My Heart. My first thought was that it’s grainy—not in texture, but in appearance. Know what I mean? It actually looks a lot better in the photo than it does in real life, sadly.

In a Holidaze

OPI Nail Lacquer in In a Holidaze

I thought In a Holidaze would be one of my favourite shades, but on the nail, it just didn’t turn out that way. All bottled up, it looks much more berry-toned, while on the nails, it's just a standard red. That’s not to say the final colour isn’t nice, because it is; I just wanted the more unique colour in the bottle.

Sleigh Parking Only

OPI Nail Lacquer in Sleigh Parking Only

Sleigh Parking Only is awesome. It changes depending on the light, sometimes looking black and sometimes looking more plum. This is the perfect shade for cooler weather and I find it really unique, too… it’s not quite purple but more of a muted, greyed-out burgundy.

Comet in the Sky

OPI Nail Lacquer in Comet in the Sky over Sleigh Parking Only

Oh my, OPI. You’ve outdone yourself. Tell me Comet in the Sky over Sleigh Parking Only isn't the prettiest thing you’ve seen all day! This glitter topper unlike anything in my (massive) polish collection. It's jam-packed with gorgeously multi-coloured, iridescent glitters that have me giddy. You need this in your life.

Love is Hot and Coal

OPI Nail Lacquer in Love is Hot and Coal

Pretty! Love is Hot and Coal is a deep greyish brown with silver shimmer running through it, and it’s super-nice on the nails. If you're looking for a deep shade like this, I’d definitely pick it up. Note: it looks a little brighter in the photo to show the shimmer, but the polish is darker in real life.

Just BeClause

OPI Nail Lacquer in Just BeClause

Ouuuu, this deep raspberry shade called Just BeClause is what I’m all about. You can nearly get away with one coat only, and it’s simply stunning on the nails.

So Elegant

OPI Nail Lacquer in So Elegant over Just BeClause

This prettiness is So Elegant over Just BeClause and it might be my favourite glitter-polish combo of this collection. I love how this top coat is simple—just some black confetti glitters in different sizes, with some chrome ones mixed in—but it looks ridiculously good on the nails, especially paired with this raspberry shade. The glitters in this collection are all really good and So Elegant is no exception.

I Carol About You

OPI Nail Lacquer in I Carol About You

I can’t get enough of I Carol About You. Not only is it a great shade of deep purple, but there’s purple shimmer running in it, too. So for those of you who love the purple family, this shade is a must-have. I’ve got nothing like it my embarrassingly large nail polish collection.

What’s Your Point-settia?

OPI Nail Lacquer in What's Your Point-settia?

What's Your Point-settia? is definitely a pretty red, but I'd probably go with the warmer Cinnamon Sweet instead. (At some point, a classic red is a red... know what I mean?) Unless you’re a red fanatic, I’d skip this, as you’ve probably got something super-similar.

Kiss Me — or Elf!

OPI Nail Lacquer in Kiss Me — or Elf!

So pretty! Kiss Me — or Elf! is a reddish violet with really gorgeous shimmer running through it. I really liked it on my nails.

Red Fingers & Mistletoes

OPI Nail Lacquer in Red Fingers & Mistletoes

Red Fingers & Mistletoes totally reminds me of Dorothy’s ruby slippers, as the shade is jam-packed with gold. It’s pretty and sparkly, and is basically the entire holiday season wrapped up in a bottle of nail polish. I’ll totally be breaking this out to wear on Christmas day!

Where To Buy

Find the OPI Holiday 2014 collection at professional salons and spas, and at the following online retailers:

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