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J. Crew's First Fragrances Smell Like Booze (in the Best Way Possible)

Sophisticated yet cozy and perfect for winter nights.
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Arquiste for J. Crew No. 57

Have you heard? J. Crew is in the fragrance business now! But not in the way you'd expect (which would be the typical nondescript fruity-floral that the world just doesn't need more of).

Nope, they've actually gone for something far more unique, in the form of two unisex scents developed in collaboration with the perfumer Arquiste. Each eau de toilette is meant to capture the artistic scene of a 1940s New York—particularly the bold perfumes and strong cocktails that filled the night. (Don Draper would SO approve!)

No. 31 is the more feminine and sparkly of the two, with notes of red vermouth, rose, plum and patchouli. It's pretty, but I'm way more drawn to No. 57, an intensely boozy blend of aged whiskey, cedar, oak, cinnamon bark, labdanum and vanilla beans. I know that all sounds incredibly masculine, but trust me... it's yummy! The alcohol and woody notes give it sophistication and uniqueness, but the vanilla on the dry-down keeps things soft and snuggly. 

(In comparison, I'm not crazy about the sharp, lingering patchouli note of No. 31... but patchouli never does agree with my body chemistry. Maybe you'll have better luck?) 

If you're into your niche and/or unisex fragrances, then you MUST check these out. I love that they come in (affordable and convenient) rollerball versions. And seriously, I can't think of a better scent than No. 57 for winter nights! 

Where to Buy

Find the Arquiste for J. Crew fragrances at J.Crew stores and jcrew.com.

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