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Anna Sui's La Nuit de Bohème is a Fruity-Floral You'll Actually Like

Her signature sparkliness meets sexy oud in a surprisingly beautiful blend.
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Anna Sui La Nuit de Bohème

Usually with mainstream scents, I like them but I don't love them. Know what I mean? Unless it's something truly offensive on me, like a pronounced patchouli note, I find most generic department store fragrances pleasant enough... I just don't feel like they're sufficiently memorable to become a permanent part of my collection. (I'm more into my weird little niche stuff like this, this and this.)

Anna Sui scents are the exception. 

She may be sold at the mall, but her stuff is different. Not weird-different, but better-different. Can we even call her mainstream? I got to meet her last month in person, and she's so much cooler than that. I've been collecting her fragrances ever since I discovered the (fresh, effervescent) Secret Wish almost 10 years ago. 

And now I have another keeper in La Nuit de Bohème, her very latest (and the flanker to the previous La Vie de Bohème). La Nuit interests me more than La Vie, because it seems like a departure for Anna, whose scents tend to be more "daytime" in nature. I mentioned La Nuit in our fragrance gift guide, but probably didn't communicate just how lovely it is.

So now I will! I think the signature of Anna Sui scents is their airy, sparkly, youthful quality. La Nuit de Bohème retains that, but with a more pronounced fruitiness and the surprise of some warm woodsiness (the oud note is QUITE unusual). Here's the full list:

  • Top: champagne citrus, midnight blackberry, golden delicious apple
  • Middle: gilded lotus, flower, Rose Petale™, sunset oud wood, topaz, Hinoki incense
  • Base: cedarwood heart, Haitian vanilla orchid, Indonesian patchouli, golden amber resin

Okay, there's a lot of marketing BS in those descriptions, but it doesn't matter. What it all comes down to is a beautifully-blended, full-bodied, creamy fragrance that's perfect for evening. On me, I get half berry, half soapy notes with a dash of that oud coming through to bring the sexy. It's gorgeous, and even if you don't usually like fruity-florals, I think you should give this one a sniff!

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