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Red Lipstick Lovers, L'Oréal's Pure Reds Collection Was MADE For You

Six limited-edition shades of scarlety goodness.

Blake Lively's shade in the new L'Oréal Pure Reds lipstick collection.

'Tis the season for red lipstick! And guess what? L'Oréal has come out with six amazing ones that you'll want to get your hands on ASAP.

Yes, it's another limited-edition Collective Exclusive—you know the lipstick collections they do every so often, a with a shade for each of their spokespeople? (So, Blake Lively, Doutzen Kroes, Eva Longoria, Freida Pinto, Jennifer Lopez and Laetitia Casta.)

Last time, it was a range of nudes, and truth be told, I wasn't feeling it. But the Pure Reds are different. You will LOVE them.

Here's what they look like (leather-feel cases and all):

The new L'Oréal Pure Reds lipsticks.

Same same, but different reds.

And here's a colour comparison:

L'Oréal Pure Reds swatches.

As for texture, they're of the new modern lipstick feel: lightweight on the lips, very balmy and not at all drying. The finish is neither matte nor shiny, just a comfortable creaminess that's all about the rich pigments.

Now, on to each shade on the lips:


Blake Lively's L'Oréal Pure Reds lipstick shade.

Blake Lively's shade is described as a pure, iconic red. It leans on the cool side, kind of a bright cherry colour. It gives a bold look that's a little bit doll-like.

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Doutzen Kroes' L'Oréal Pure Reds lipstick shade.

Doutzen Kroes' shade is described as a fire red—so basically, it's a red with a ton of orange in it. This one is really unusual and something you don't see often. It looks great just on a bare-ish face and totally brings out blue eyes, though I think it would even better on warmer skin than mine.


Eva Longoria's L'Oréal Pure Reds lipstick shade.

Eva Longoria's shade is a brick red. To me, this felt quite '90s and a little marsala-ish. But it doesn't have the strong brown or grey undertones, so it's actually quite flattering, and kind of like a soft reddish stain.


Freida Pinto's L'Oréal Pure Reds lipstick shade.

Freida Pinto's shade is described as "amaranthe red," basically a fuchsia-red. I'm seeing a lot more fuchsia than red here, but whatever—it's a beautiful, face-brightening colour no matter what. 


Jennifer Lopez's L'Oréal Pure Reds lipstick shade.

Jennifer Lopez's shade is a ruby red with cool undertones, and honestly, it's really close to Blake's. I think the difference is that Blake's shade is brighter and a bit lighter. This one is more of a classic, dramatic red mouth—definitely the most traditional red in this entire collection.


Laetitia Casta's L'Oréal Pure Reds lipstick shade.

Laetitia Casta's shade is described as a garnet red for "almost dark" lips—and I think it's my favourite of all these great colours, though it's SO hard to choose! This is such a vampy, dark berry-red; it's romantic and dramatic, without taking you into Goth territory. I wouldn't wear this in the daytime, but it would be absolutely ravishing for the right evening occasion—maybe NYE?

Where To Buy

These lippies are out now in Canada (and I think UK and Australia?) at drugstores/mass market retailers for a limited time, so grab 'em while you can. They're also selling matching nail polishes, FYI.

In the US, the Pure Reds collection arrives in the spring, so consider this your sneak peek!

Have Your Say

Have you checked out the Pure Reds line yet? Which shade is your favourite?

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