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Kat Von D's Metallic Shades Give You a Subtler Liquid Liner Look

Soft shades in a quick-drying, budge-proof formula.
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Kat Von D Lightning Liner in Hex

Liquid liner along the upper lash lines has got to be one of my all-time favourite beauty looks. It flatters everyone, and it's totally classic.

But sometimes, you don't want that liquid liner to be in black, do you? Particularly on those of us with fairer skin tones, the black can sometimes look a bit... harsh. Especially during daylight hours, when you just want the liquid liner for definition, not to jump out and be the first thing people notice on your face.

I know some of you share this problem with me, because you've asked. And honestly, I didn't have much to recommend you. My go-to non-black liquid liner for the last year or so has been an old Mark (Avon) one that was limited edition, with a lip gloss on the other side of it. (I think this product in Bronze Edge is probably the same thing.) It was fine... but not especially great or anything.

Well, now I have something a little more glam, a little more effective, to recommend you. 

The outer packaging of the new Kat Von D Lightning Liners.

Kat Von D makes these Lightning Liner things, and they are actually very nice. (I am consistently surprised, in a good way, by the quality of her stuff.)

The Lightning Liners are liquid liners in four beautifully subtle metallics. Here's what they look like:

Kat Von D Lightning Liners in Poe, Hyde, Jett and Hex.

They have a brush tip and there's a bit of semi-annoying assembly before you can use them. (You have to remove a piece of plastic that connects the body of the pen to the cap, and then turn and push to lock the two together.)

The brush tip of the Kat Von D Lightning Liner before using.

To get the liquid liner flowing and onto the brush, you then have to twist the bottom of the pen. Most likely it will glob up on you the first time, but after that just one or two twists should dispense enough product to work with. If you get too much, just blot on the back of your hand or a tissue before going to your lid.

The brush tip of the Kat Von D Lightning Liner after using.

Those things are basically the only (minor) problems I have with these liners. Otherwise, I think they are just gorgeous on, and are totally what my eye makeup collection was missing. And the brush is versatile enough to let you draw a fine or thicker line.

Here's what they look like on skin:

Swatches of the Kat Von D Lightning Liners.

See how subtle and pretty?! Poe is a metallic purple with violet shimmer, Hyde is a metallic deep brown with bronze shimmer, Jett is a metallic black with silver shimmer and Hex is a metallic deep burgundy with plum shimmer. All great, but Hex is my favourite!

As the lighter shades and metallic textures are more forgiving than a straight-up black, you don't have to be quite as nit-pickingly precise in your application, either.

I also love how quickly these dry to the touch and stay put. As a hooded eye type, one of the most annoying things in makeup is liquid liner that takes forever to dry (and inevitably ends up below the brows). It's almost impossible for us to work with, you know? These guys literally lock in place within two seconds, and there is no transfer or smudging. 

For this reason, and for the amazing metallic colours, I'm totally into these liners right now. Remember, to avoid a globby brush, only twist the bottom once or twice before using!

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Find Kat Von D Lightning Liners at Sephora.

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