Do or Don't: Jennifer Lopez's Rust-Coloured Eyeshadow

Do I even need to ask this question?

Jennifer Lopez at the 2015 Fox TCA Winter All Star party.

It's official. Jennifer Lopez has pissed off her styling team, and now they are taking revenge.

Is there anything else that can explain this makeup—this outfit?

I'll give you a moment:

JLo is wearing a SisSae top, a Noir Sachin & Babi skirt and Charlotte Olympia pumps.

Jenny From the Block, this is not your look.

We knew things were precarious, at least beauty-wise, when we saw JLo at the Golden Globes wearing ALL the makeup.

But now, as you can see, there are a few new additions. Rust shimmer, all the way around the eyes! And matching lipstick—drawn way outside the upper lip line! Plus, contour so dark and so orange that it's creating its own Eagle situation. (Even though, on its own, I think the foundation colour might be fine.)

Close-up of JLo's rust-coloured eyeshadow and matching lipstick.

You know, when we say it would be nice for celebs to "mix things up," we don't mean this. 

Don't get me wrong; it's not that I think matchy-matchy is always bad. But rust is an especially tricky colour in clothing and in makeup. Having it on a skirt, lips, eyes AND nails is like a beauty black belt situation with a 99.9 percent failure rate. Obviously, she didn't make it here.

And I just can't with the application. Yes, it's "in" right now to do a 360-degree eye, but the line is too thick under the eyes, and so much of the rust colour almost makes her look ill. To do this eyeshadow against a heavily contoured face with the matching overdrawn lips was also a huge mistake—I always think big colour risks should be set against bare, fresh skin and minimal other makeup. (Which makes this even more heartbreaking, because underneath it all, Jen's skin is perfect.)

But honestly, I most of all want her to give up the contouring.

JLo's heavily contoured complexion.

Does anyone think it looks good? I don't think having an orange hairline makes you look more sculpted and tanned... it just looks like bad orange makeup.

Weirdly, a kajillion new contouring kits are launching this spring, so we're gonna have to live with stuff like this for a while yet. 

Have Your Say

Do you think JLo's makeup is a do or a don't? How would you change it? Would you ever wear rust eyeshadow?

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