The Best Drugstore Mascara I've Tried in YEARS

Way better than Armani. I swear!
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Rimmel Wonder'Lash Mascara With Argan Oil

Mascara is one of those rare and wonderful categories where price really has NO bearing on the effectiveness of the product.

Case in point: I brought this splurgey Armani mascara with me to California last week for testing, and I regretted it every single day of the trip.

Not to put too fine a point on it, but... it sucked. (Sorry Armani, you know I love your other stuff.) 

Every time I had to pry my lashes apart after using the darn thing, I longed for the drugstore mascara I was testing before that, which I now realize ticks off allllll my boxes—ultra-black, non-clumping, and as volumizing as possible without losing the aforementioned definition. 

I'm talking about Rimmel's new Wonder'Lash Mascara, and I was as surprised at its awesomeness as you probably are now. (Seriously, most mascaras that cross my desk I try just once, think "meh," and move on.)

Wonder Lash comes in blingy bronze packaging.

As soon as I realized it was something special, I did what I usually do with beauty products I'm evaluating—I got my mom to test it out, too. She is equally discerning (where'd ya think I got it from?) and so for what it's worth, she agrees with me. Rimmel, you made a winner.

The wand is big, but not TOO big.

As you can see, the flexible brush has quite the set of bristles on it, which makes it very, very defining:

If you love separated lashes, you'll love this brush.

Another standout is the argan oil-based formula, which helps to keep lashes well-conditioned and smooth.

Because that's another thing I've started wanting in my mascaras—touchability (is that a word? I'm going with it). 

You know how some mascaras make your lashes feel stiff and crispy, and then they start flaking as the day goes on? The new generation of formulas, which includes this one, is all about softness and conditioning.

I don't know if this picture actually does it justice, but here it is (and don't worry about my eyebrows, I literally left for Mary five minutes after taking this).

The defined lash look you get from Wonder Lash.

So there you have it. I know it's a totally individual thing, but if you like your mascara the way I like my mascara, give this one a go—no reason to shop at the department store!

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