Felicity Jones Just Executed the Perfect Cat Eyes (and Here's Why)

The 5 little details that make them great.

Felicity Jones at the 2015 ADG Awards.

Felicity Jones, quickly reaching #beautycrush status, attended the ADG Awards this weekend, and I'll just call it right now. Her cat eyes are some of the best in cat eye history. You're gonna need to see these up close. 

She was also wearing an Erdem floral blouse-dress that would be tragic on anyone else... but that's neither here nor there.

Felicity Jones is wearing an Erdem silk chiffon gown.

Hottie English schoolmarm beauty, HELLO. 

But even if you're not with me on the matronly-chic outfit, I know you're gonna be blown away by the next couple of pics. 

First, because of her skin. Felicity has one of the loveliest complexions I've ever seen on the red carpet (clear, even-toned, impossibly radiant and glowing but not greasy). It's what you notice about her makeup before anything else, which I think is as it should be.

Felicity Jones pairs a cat eye with unbelievably glowy skin.

Am I right? Then you notice the black cat eyes, which make an absolutely gorgeous contrast against her fresh face—she doesn't have strong brows, nor bold blush, nor anything on the lips except a bit of pale glossy stain. 

If you look closely, you'll also appreciate that these cat eyes aren't gimmicky ones, for lack of a better term. There's no exaggerated flick or curl at the outer edges—they just hug the lash lines—and they're graphic while still being feminine. This is the kind of makeup I aspire to, in a nutshell.

Now, we might not be able to exactly replicate the skin (unless, y'know, we all just get new parents), but the good news is we CAN copy this eye makeup. The more I stare at it, the more I realize it's all in the little details. 

Here are the five reasons why these cat eyes are especially perfect:

The Lines Start Ultra-Thin at the Inner Corners

See how skinny those lines are? And how they line up exactly at the tear ducts? This is really key for an elegant cat eye. I think it's easiest if you do this with a thin angled brush like the MAC 266 and a gel liner (I like Tarte Amazonian Clay Dual Liner). Remember, you can always take away colour with a Q-Tip and some Bioderma Sensibio

Then They Get Thicker Through the Middle

This is where the drama happens. As the line travels from the inner corner following the curve of the eye, it should double or triple in thickness. Felicity has quite a bit of lid space to work with under her creases; for people with hooded eyes, the thicker the line, the better. For this part, draw the line first with gel or pencil and then go over it with a liquid (Felicity has worn the Dior Diorshow Art Pen in the past).

The angled edge of Felicity Jones' cat eye.

There is No Flick

I know it sounds counterintuitive, but look at the ends here. They're pointy, but the direction still hugs the eye—going down and out, not curling up. The way you do this is by drawing from the bottom lash line, not the top (again, I like to use the angled brush here). Once you know where you want your cat eyes to end, just connect the lines and fill in. I think this is a MUCH more modern, subtle, sophisticated and easy way to do a cat eye than trying to do retro flicks.

The Liner Goes Below the Eyes, Too

Take it about one third of the way underneath, making sure the line is very skinny and soft. You don't want to close the eyes off with any heavy lines—the upper lid should still be the focus.

The Top Waterlines Are Filled In

As you can see on Felicity, this step takes a cat eye to the next level. Use a waterproof gel eyeliner (I like Smashbox Always Sharp Waterproof Kôhl Liner) to fill in the inner upper lids, so that there is no skin showing around the lashes at all. It just helps to make it more graphic, so the eyes really pop. BUT make sure you don't fill in the lower waterlines—you definitely want some breathing room there.

Felicity Jones is cat-eye perfection.

So there you have it—the recipe for the perfect cat eyes. Will you be copying these?

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