What To Buy From Essie's Flowerista Collection

Fresh floral shades picked for spring 2015 by fashion designer Rebecca Minkoff.

Essie's Flowerista collection for spring 2015.

Last month, Essie named fashion designer Rebecca Minkoff as the brand's new global colour designer. Now her first collection, called Flowerista, has just landed!

These are six shades (in Canada; the U.S. get two more), and they're all floral-inspired, with equally cute floral-esque names. Though they're not all winners in my book, there are a few I'm absolutely crushing over, and just had to share! 

Read on for my swatches and thoughts:

Perennial Chic

Essie Nail Polish in Perennial Chic.

Perennial Chic is pretty and all (though it did take three coats to apply), but it just reminded me a little too much of All Eyes On Nudes from Essie's Cashmere Matte collection, which was released not too long ago (check out my swatches here). Since that one only needed two coats, I'd skip this one. Sorry, Essie!

Picked Perfect

Essie Nail Polish in Picked Perfect.

And on that note, Picked Perfect was not much different from Perennial Chic! Two very similar nude shades in the same collection—what's the point of that? This one is a couple of shades darker, and applied better, with only two coats needed. Again, it's pretty, but nothing out of this world, know what I mean? 


Essie Nail Polish in Flowerista.

Now THIS is what I'm talking about! Flowerista, described as a "plum dahlia" shade, is killer. I love how vibrant it is and it was a dream to apply—good in two coats. It's the exact shade I need to drive my winter blues away.

Petal Pushers

Essie Nail Polish in Petal Pushers.

Though Petal Pushers isn't your typical springtime colour, it's one of those staple shades I can't see myself living without. Grey nails are super-chic and this shade is just right, not too dark nor too light. It looked great in two easy coats, too. 

Garden Variety

Essie Nail Polish in Garden Variety.

Yay, more bold colours! Garden Variety is sooooo good. It applied really, really well in two coats, though for some off reason it's looking streaky in this photo. My guess is that it's the flash, because it looked perfectly opaque on the nails (I swear). This shade is definitely a top pick from this collection. 

Blossom Dandy

Essie Nail Polish in Blossom Dandy.

Is it just me or does Essie seem to do minty-blues really well? I've been in love with Mint Candy Apple for ages now, and Blossom Dandy reminds me of that cult favourite. The application with this one was easy (two coats and I was done), and I love how this shade is like a pastel on steroids. 

Where To Buy

Find the Essie Flowerista collection now at:

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