Found! A CC Cream That Actually Covers (and Helps Your Skin, Too)

Meet the new Skin Best CC Cream from Biotherm.

There's a new CC cream in town... and if you have fair to medium skin, it might just become your favourite CC of all. 

I know, I know! CC creams aren't exactly new news for us beauty junkies. At this point, there are literally hundreds of them out there, so I don't blame you for feeling overwhelmed, confused and even a little bit jaded. 

But that's where I come in. As part of my "job", I've only tested about a bajillion CC creams at this point, most of them disappointments. 

This is why I can definitively say that Biotherm's Skin Best CC Cream is one of the better CC choices at the drugstore. Heck, it even beats out most department store foundations!

The outer packaging of Biotherm Skin Best CC Cream.

Biotherm Skin Best CC Cream in Light and Medium.

The main reason this CC cream impresses me is because of its seriously incredible coverage. 

Unlike many (or even most?) CCs and BBs, it does an amazing job of camouflaging and evening out your imperfections—blemishes, redness, even pores and fine lines. I would describe it as a medium level of coverage, which is just where I like it! Not too heavy; not too light.

As you can see, I have a lot redness around my nose and chin, and I swear I didn't even need extra concealer there for the "after" photo. This CC covers SO well!

Before and after Biotherm Skin Best CC Cream.

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I also love the finish. It's semi-matte, but a luminous semi-matte—so your skin has life to it, but you're not too dewy (read: shiny) either. I can actually get away without even powdering this stuff for at least a couple hours before I need to blot my T-zone, which really doesn't happen with most other skin makeup.

The formula uses mineral pigments, and there are two shades, Light and Medium. (Sadly no Dark, but hopefully they'll consider launching that soon.)

Swatches of Biotherm Skin Best CC Cream in Light and Medium.

I wear Light, which I was surprised to discover is a pretty good match for my pale-neutral skin. In the summer, when I have a bit more colour, it should be even better!

The CC cream dispenses from a tube, and for best results, I like to apply it with my trusty Lancôme foundation brush.

The tube format of Biotherm Skin Best CC Cream.

Of course, you're getting Biotherm's anti-aging skincare benefits in here as an added bonus. Just like the other products in the new Skin Best line, it contains spirulina, a micro-algae that instantly energizes the skin and combats fatigue. There's also astaxanthin, an antioxidant that protects against free radical damage, plus SPF 25 protection.

The bottom line: If you have a light or medium complexion, and are looking for a CC cream that protects your skin from the first signs of aging—while giving you great medium coverage and a beautiful semi-matte finish—then this could be The One!

Where to Buy

Find Biotherm Skin Best CC Cream at drugstores, select department stores and Biotherm.ca.

Do you wear CC cream?
Have you tried this one?

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