Emilia Clarke's Orange Lipstick and Grey Eyeshadow Combo Will Make Your Life

With natural lashes and NO eyeliner.

Emilia Clarke at the 2015 season 5 premiere of 'Game of Thrones'.

Emilia Clarke is one of my more recent beauty crushes—perhaps enhanced by the fact that we get to see her so rarely. (The last time was at the SAG Awards, and before that, the same event last year.)

But then when she does show up on a red carpet, she makes it SO worth the wait.

Case in point: her recent appearance at the season five premiere for 'Game of Thrones'. I mean, just look at that picture up above. It's gonna be up there in the best celebrity beauty pics of 2015. I'm already calling it.

The full-body shot, maybe not so much.

Emilia Clarke in a black satin gown.

(The wrinkling satin, right? It's not the best.)

But above the neck, my goodness. Emilia already has all the raw materials: gorgeous thick brows, full lips, flawless skin, the ability to pull off a super-sleek, side-parted updo...

But then she went and got creative with her makeup—without getting TOO creative, if you know what I mean—and it's one of the coolest looks I've seen lately:

Emilia Clarke's orange lips paired with grey eyeshadow.

Orange and grey! They make a incredible pair, don't they? And there's restraint in this colour statement—no liner, no crazy lashes. 

Of course, every time I die over a makeup look, whaddaya know? It's Kate Lee behind it, the queen of restraint and seamlessness.

The lips are all creamy-matte, and filled in ever-so-precisely with a rounded, perfected shape. I'm not sure what the shade is, but since Kate usually works with Chanel, it could be Rouge Allure Velvet Luminous Matte in 43 La Favorite

You defo need a lip brush to apply your lipstick this perfected (the Stila one is my fave). One makeup artist trick to try for the shape: use your lip liner after the lipstick is on, not before. The new NARS Velvet Lip Liners are amaaaazing and do not budge; Playa Dorado would be perfect to match the orange.

Emilia Clarke's soft shadow and defined cheekbones.

The shadow statement is that elusive warm grey that's not quite a taupe, but not too cold on the skin, either. In my collection, the closest I have to this is from an old Dr. Hauschka Eyeshadow Palette (which is actually great!), but another close match could be Bobbi Brown's Eye Shadow in Cement, a matte grey-beige.

Notice how it's been applied, blended above the crease but with the key concentration of colour at the outer edges of Emilia's eyes. I've been experimenting with this application lately myself, and think it's a great way to extend the eyes horizontally, especially heavy-lidded eyes, without relying on eyeliner. Because as Emilia proves here, we don't always need eyeliner. Or big ol' eyelashes. What a concept!

I love how the softened outer angle of the eyeshadow is echoed by the sweep of neutral blush across her cheeks. And then there's that subtle highlight, adding further dimension.

Emilia Clarke nailed her beauty look here.

No wonder she's smiling so much—girl looks fantastic. Will you be copying this one?

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