Meet the European Nail Line That Has Just Arrived in Canada

Introducing Misslyn—they make my new favourite reds!

Misslyn Nail Polish is new in Canada.

Heard of a beauty brand called Misslyn

No? Me neither. But I'm told it is very popular in Europe, having launched 30 years ago in Italy, then France and Germany. And now Misslyn has landed in Canada, sold exclusively sold at everyone's favourite pharmacy, Shoppers Drug Mart. 

I'm always up for discovering new lines, so when I had the chance to test out a few of their nail polishes, I was SO down. I have to admit, the packaging is really underwhelming, which might be why I hadn't noticed them before (they arrived in stores in December). 

You get 13 mL in each bottle, compared to the OPI and CND standard of 15 mL, and Essie's 13.5 mL. But... the price is right, since these retail for just $10 a pop. Plus, there are 48 different colours to choose from. (They actually have the biggest polish assortment in Europe, with more than 150 colours available over there!)

Let's see if Misslyn passed my swatch tests:

Red Carpet 180

Misslyn Nail Polish in Red Carpet 180.

I must admit, I totally judged a book by its cover with these Misslyn polishes. Not knowing much about them, I was expecting less-than-stellar performance, but the first shade I tried, Red Carpet 180, really delivered. It's amazingly opaque, which is something I always have trouble with in reds. I could get away with one good coat if I wanted to, but pictured here is two. Super-impressed!

Urban Chic 223

Misslyn Nail Polish in Urban Chic 223.

I was a little less in love with Urban Chic 223. The plum-red colour is really nice, but I wanted it to be just a little more opaque. Pictured is two coats and I find it's just a teeny bit streaky, but that could be the picky polish freak in me talking. 

Blush 155

Misslyn Nail Polish in Blush 155.

Yes, another killer red! Blush 155 is more orange-toned than Red Carpet 180, but I love it just as much. Again, it's crazy-opaque, which I'm SO happy about. The application was really amazing. I am loving these!

Magma 195

Misslyn Nail Polish in Magma 195.

I wasn't excited about Magma 195 in the bottle, but I fell in love with it on the nails. Although it's not my cup of tea for this time of the year (it's giving me major holiday vibes), I'm very into the shimmer. Again, the application was perfect and if I really wanted to, I could get away with one coat. Why have I never tried these before?!

The Bottom Line

Misslyn has me impressed, you guys, and I wasn't expecting it! I can't speak to the entire Canadian line of 48 shades, but really I loved three out of the four I tried—so that's very promising. Yay for new polish finds! 

Where To Buy

Find Misslyn Nail Polish at Shoppers Drug Mart.

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Have you tried anything from Misslyn yet? Which shade is your favourite?

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