Editor's Pick: Vitruvi, a New, All-Natural Aromatherapy Line

Get to know their chic, non-toxic essential oil blends.

When you think of aromatherapy, what comes to mind?

Is it the single-note bottles of essential oils that you get at the health food store and pour into a diffuser? 

Or do you picture those synthetically-scented, so-called "aromatherapy" bath and body products found at every shopping mall?

Chances are, you're not the only one. Aromatherapy, at least in recent years, has had a bit of an image problem. 

But that's all changing, thanks in part to Vitruvi, a new aromatherapy range created by Vancouver siblings Sara Panton and Sean Panton.

Vitruvi co-founders and siblings Sara Panton and Sean Panton. (Photo: Sophia Hsin.)

I discovered Vitruvi thanks to new online natural beauty store Petal & Post (learn more about them here), which just started carrying the line. 

Now that I've tried one of their blends, I totally get it. This range is gorgeous!

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About Vitruvi

Vitruvi's Focus Face & Body Tonic Mist.

The gist of Vitruvi is that it gives us a new way to incorporate the benefits of essential oils into our lives—one that is modern, high-quality and most of all, chic.

That means no oil burners, for starters. The blends come in two convenient forms: as roll-on oils, which you can apply to your wrists, collarbone and temples, and as tonic mists, which you can spray all over your face, neck or body. 

I can never resist a mist, so here's the one I tried, the Focus Face & Body Tonic Mist:

I love their minimalistic branding, environmentally-friendly packaging, and the fact that these are hand-blended in small batches! 

Vitruvi also uses 100 percent natural essential oils, sourced from more than 17 countries around the world.

How to Use Vitruvi

Whether you choose a roll-on or a mist, once you inhale the aromatic oils, that's when the magic happens, because they are widely believed to stimulate brain function, alter mood, and promote cognitive and psychological well-being. 

The idea is to use these elixirs as "scent therapy" to help solve everyday problems. Each one was created using techniques from the perfume industry, and includes top notes, middle notes and base notes. 

Here are the blends you can find at Petal & Post:

  • Sleep: Soothes and sedates using Roman chamomile, French lavender, vetiver and frankincense. 
  • Energize: Increases alertness and energy using lemon, pine and Egyptian geranium. 
  • Go: Promotes immunity and prevents jet lag using French lavender, Canadian spruce, Italian petitgrain, Australian eucalyptus and Brazilian rosewood. 
  • Detox: Decreases cravings and promotes detoxification using bergamot, lemon, rosemary and juniper berry. 
  • Do: Increases desire using Australian sandalwood, Sri Lankan cinnamon, Indian rose and vanilla. 
  • Headache: Relieves tension using peppermint, menthol and eucalyptus. 
  • Focus: Promotes focus and productivity using peppermint, sweet lemongrass, citrus petitgrain, rosemary, frankincense and basil. 

I'm keeping my bottle of Focus right next to the computer:

Vitruvi Focus Face & Body Tonic Mist is intended to be used at your workspace.

I always have a mist of some sort on my desk, as a quick spritz feels so refreshing on your skin during the workday. This one gives you an extra incentive to take mini-aromatherapy breaks, as it really helps to reset your mind and your attention span. 

How to Win a Vitruvi Gift Set

Update: The giveaway is now closed.

Thanks to Petal & Post, you can win one of your own! For a chance to win a gift set including one Vitruvi Focus Aromatherapy Oil and one Vitruvi Focus Face & Body Tonic Mist (total value $66), all you have to do is:

  1. Leave a comment below, including your name plus the city, province/state and country where you live. (Contest is open to international readers, not just Canadians.)
  2. Tell us how you use aromatherapy in your life!

The deadline for entries is midnight EST on Wednesday, August 26th, 2015. One winner will be chosen via random selection, and notified via a reply comment shortly thereafter. Please find additional giveaway rules and regulations here.


Find the full Vitruvi range at Petal & Post.

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Have you tried anything from Vitruvi?
How do you use aromatherapy in your life?

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