Editor's Pick: Fresh Sugar Shine Lip Treatment

Sheer, tinted, long-lasting lip gloss.

Katrina loves Benefit. But me, I'm a Fresh girl.

I'm talking about lip gloss, specifically the kind you might find at your local Sephora. (For all-natural lip gloss, I think Mineral Fusion's Sheer Moisture Lip Tints, reviewed here, are the best.)

But my Fresh Sugar Shine Lip Treatments are also on regular rotation, especially now that they've added three new shades:

The packaging of Fresh Sugar Shine Lip Treatments in three new shades.

Berry, Nude and Tulip—aren't they pretty?

New Fresh Sugar Shine Lip Treatments in Berry, Nude and Tulip. 

These are high-shine glosses that keep your lips moisturized for up to six hours. I always go back to Fresh lip products because they really do work—which isn't the case with many natural brands that give me flaky, dried-out lips. A couple days back on Fresh gloss, and my lips are as good as new again.

I also love these lip glosses because of Fresh's signature lemon sugar scent. It's so yummy—I will never get tired of it, EVER! 

These go on with the standard lip gloss applicator:

The Fresh Sugar Shine Lip Treatment applicator.

And the finish is shiny, but not goopy-shiny. It deposits just a thin layer of the gloss, so it never feels heavy or sticky.

The tints go on sheer, with just a hint of colour. There are seven to choose from, including ClearHoney, Rosé and Cherry

Take a look at the three new tints below:

Swatches of Fresh Sugar Shine Lip Treatments in Nude, Berry and Tulip.

And on my lips:


Fresh Sugar Nude Shine Lip Treatment.

Nude is a sheer, warm peachy nude with teensy-tiny flecks of gold. However, the shimmer is quite subtle on the lips. This is a really flattering nude that anyone could wear.


Fresh Sugar Berry Shine Lip Treatment.

Berry is a sheer raspberry and the boldest of the three new shades. It, too, has a tiny bit of shimmer, but it's even less than in Nude, and you really can't see it on your lips. This shade is a great way to add a bit of colour with more ease than a lipstick.


Fresh Sugar Tulip Shine Lip Treatment.

Tulip is my favourite and a sheer medium pink. It looks like a hot pink in the tube, but is much softer when you put it on. There's no shimmer in this one; it amps up your natural lip tone and the pink is super-flattering.

Where to Buy

Find the Fresh Sugar Shine Lip Treatments at Sephora.

Have you tried these glosses?
Which shade is your favourite?

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