Editor's Picks: Lilly & Lola's All-Natural Liquid Coconut Oils to Moisturize Your Face and Body

Coconut oil like you've never seen it before.

If you know me, you know I'm fanatical about oils—and usually not in a good way. 

Yes, I know oils are hot stuff in beauty right now. Back when I started out as a beauty editor, few brands even sold face oils or body oils. Now, they've gone completely mainstream and for many people, have replaced lotions, creams and moisturizers. 

This is a problem because contrary to popular opinion, not every oil is going to benefit your skin. In fact, some are so unsaturated and so unstable that they actually HARM your skin by promoting premature aging. 

Why's that? Because polyunsaturated oils (such as grapeseed, soybean, sesame and almond oils) have a molecular structure that is very open to attack by free radicals. This process is called oxidation; upon your skin, the free radicals react with parts of cell molecules and cause abnormalities. The result is a chain reaction of cellular damage and cell aging. Pretty sure you didn't intend that to happen when you decided to use a face oil as moisturizer. (Read more about toxic oils over here... I don't eat them, either.)

But here's the good news. You don't have to give up face oil or body oil, if you love it. Just ditch your unsaturated seed oil for this instead:

Coconut oil face and body moisturizers from Lilly & Lola. (Note: The body oil is only sold in a 50 mL size.)

These are two moisturizing oils from Canadian indie brand Lilly & Lola, a recent discovery of mine thanks to The Detox Market. They sent me a sample of the body oil, and I was so impressed by the formula that I went out and bought the full-sized face oil myself! (Note: Their oils are all sold in a 50 mL size; the 25 mL in the photos was just the press sample size.)

These oils are not like other beauty oils because... all that's in here is coconut oil. That's it! 

Coconut oil is one of the only vegetable oils that is safe, because it is a saturated fat. Unlike the rancid seed oils that encourage a free radical extravaganza, coconut oil is stable and has antioxidant properties, meaning that it interrupts the chain reactions of oxidation that cause skin aging.

Coconut Face Oil

Renew Your Face with Coconut Oil Overnight Oil Treatment from Lilly & Lola.

So cute, right? The face oil is called Renew Your Face with Coconut Oil Overnight Oil Treatment, and here's what's in it:

Ingredients: Various types of Coco Nucifera (coconut oil)

The texture is a liquid, and it comes in a convenient pump format. You're probably wondering how that's possible given that coconut oil is usually white and solid at room temperature. 

The answer is fractionation. This is a processing method that removes the long-chain fatty acids, which are the component of coconut oil that needs higher temperatures to stay liquid. Without them, the oil is able to remain liquid at room temperature—which is much more convenient for a skincare product. Who wouldn't prefer the liquid to scooping out gritty bits of half-solidified coconut oil from a giant tub?! 

Lilly & Lola claims that despite the fractionation, there is still lauric acid in here, which is what makes coconut oil antibacterial, and the reason why it helps many people with acne. (My skin tends to be sensitive and acne-prone, and yet I have zero problems with using coconut oil, whereas other oils all break me out.)

The brand uses a blend of different coconut oils, which allows them to obtain the optimal balance of lightweight hydration and viscosity for coverage. Truly, I think this face oil would be great for any skin type—it's not heavy at all! Even though they call it an "overnight oil," I see no reason why you couldn't use it during the daytime as well.

It's also unscented, which I love, and one or two pumps should be plenty to moisturize your entire face. Plus, get a load of this ingredients list. Shortest ever!

Coconut Body Oil

Hydrate Your Skin with Coconut Oil Moisturizing Body Oil from Lilly & Lola. (Note: Only sold in a 50 mL size.)

Besides the face oil, Lilly & Lola also make a body oil called Hydrate Your Skin with Coconut Oil Moisturizing Body Oil

This one is also a liquid, but it comes out as a mist, not through a pump. How genius is that? So much faster/easier than having to scoop out a cream or pour out globs of oil!

Again, there's no scent, and a delightfully short ingredients list:

Ingredients: Various types of Coco Nucifera (coconut oil)

You can use this one all over—arms, legs, boobs, butt, etc.—and it's especially great right out of the shower to lock in hydration and create a light barrier. Like the face oil, it absorbs really quickly, so you don't have to worry about greasy legs or waiting to get dressed (something that always annoys me when I use regular coconut oil from the health food store). I'm not 100 percent sure if there's a difference between the formulas but I think this one might be a tad richer.

Finally, there's alsohair oil, but I haven't tried that because I've got fine hair!


I've never found anything like these all-natural, single ingredient oils, so I'm pretty excited about this discovery!

If you do feel you need moisturizer and love the feeling of a face oil, I would strongly support you using Lilly & Lola's instead the usual polyunsaturated seed oils, which do your skin no favours—and shockingly, can accelerate aging. 

With the coconut oil, you can feel confident knowing that your skin is being hydrated AND protected from dangerous free radicals. Let me know if you try these!

Where to Buy

Find Lilly & Lola at The Detox Market in Toronto, along with these locations

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