From Dewy Skin to Feathery Brows: 7 of the Best Skin, Hair and Makeup Looks Lately

Ana de Armas, Chloë Moretz and more.
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Now that summer's almost over (sob!), celebs are returning to the red carpet more gorgeous than ever. This batch of beauties has the dewy skin, lush lashes and soft waves you'll want to copy in these last few weeks of warm weather. 

Keep scrolling for the seven best looks of the week! 

Ana de Armas 

Ana de Armas at AOL Build in 2016.

Close-up of Ana de Armas at AOL Build in 2016.

What I like: Oh my, I feel the beginnings of a new beauty crush developing! Ana (who GQ recently called "the Cuban-born actress taking over Hollywood") is equal parts gorgeous and cute in this ponytail and bangs combo. However, it's her green eyes that are the most mesmerizing—enhanced by the subtlest touch of mascara, shadow and highlighter. (Could this be the famous RMS Beauty Living Luminizer?) The strobing continues down her nose and Cupid's bow, along with bolder peach blush on the cheeks, but this is the farthest thing from a Kardashian aesthetic. Love! What I'd change: Nothing. 

Ana is wearing: Lipstick in Rouge Ingénue

Chloë Moretz

Chloë Moretz at the 2016 Deauville American Film Festival.

Close-up of Chloë Moretz at the 2016 Deauville American Film Festival.

What I like: Chloë has the best set of feathery brows, don't you think? I also love her well-blended smoky eyes, which manage to look dramatic without overwhelming her fair colouring. Surprisingly, I actually approve of the false lashes here; they're a really tasteful set. (Now can more celebs please wear this kind, whatever it is?) Often Chloë's skin texture looks a bit dry, but this time, it's quite lovely and smooth. What I'd change: I'm not opposed to the strong blush, but it looks somewhat powdery. Is she doing lip injections now? Say it ain't so...

Zoë Saldana

Zoë Saldana at the 2016 Mexico City premiere of 'Star Trek Beyond.'

Close-up of Zoë Saldana at the 2016 Mexico City premiere of 'Star Trek Beyond.'

What I like: Zoë's creamy raspberry lip stain (which could be the new MAC Versicolour Stain in Preserving Passion) and romantic Rapunzel waves. She's jumping right into fall with this beauty look. Her skin is pretty great—looks like she found a better under-eye concealer, as in the past her mid-face would often be a fraction too light. Instead of false lashes, she brought out her eyes with a sweep of black liquid liner. What I'd change: I would love to see Zoë correct her brow shape, so that it's less rounded. But she'd need to leave them alone for months to grow out, which would be very hard in her line of work!

Lily Cole

Lily Cole at UKTV Live 2016. (Photo: PR Photos)

Close-up of Lily Cole at UKTV Live 2016. (Photo: PR Photos)

What I like: Lily's bouncy strawberry curls are everything. What I wouldn't give to have her head of hair! The other amazing thing here is her eyeshadow. The shimmery coppery tone is so close to her hair colour, with some bright gold layered on top for extra shine. It's such a great makeup idea for redheads—Amy Adams often does something like this, too. (The Laura Mercier Caviar Stick Eye Colours in Copper and Burnished Bronze would be ideal!) In a world where lip injections are quickly becoming the norm, I love that Lily is rocking her au naturel mouth. What I'd change: Nothing.

Lupita Nyong'o

Lupita Nyong'o at a 2016 Belvedere event.

Close-up of Lupita Nyong'o at a 2016 Belvedere event.

What I like: Just when you think Lupita has tried every bold makeup colour under the sun, here she comes with one that's perhaps the most unexpected of all: bright white! This cat eye is just the coolest thing ever against her deep, gleaming complexion (seriously, look at the way the light reflects—insane!). As if that weren't enough, she layered grey eyeshadow over a nude lipstick to create a unique purplish-greyish shade. What I'd change: Nothing.

Lupita is wearing: Eyeliner in French Lace

Lucy Fry

Lucy Fry at the 2016 premiere of 'Mr. Church.'

Close-up of Lucy Fry at the 2016 premiere of 'Mr. Church.'

What I like: Lucy's vintage-inspired front wave and sleek, chin-length bob. Her brows are impressively full and frame her face perfectly. The rest of the makeup—peach lips, taupe eyes, barely any mascara—is so lovely and soft. I have a feeling we'll be seeing lots more of this Australian actress! What I'd change: Nothing.

Jessica Alba

Jessica Alba at the 2016 premiere of 'Mechanic: Resurrection.'

Close-up of Jessica Alba at the 2016 premiere of 'Mechanic: Resurrection.'

What I like: Jessica is just so darn pretty, even if I'm not sure about certain elements of this particular makeup look (but we'll get to those in a second). I can't believe how long her hair is now! It looks really pretty here—touchable and not too "done." The purple eyeshadow is interesting, and her brows look amazing. What I'd change: I don't know if it's because she has to wear her own Honest Beauty makeup now, but this foundation shade is a little bit too light in her mid-face, compared to her body. (Jessica, read this!) I also dislike these false lashes... but you knew I'd say that.

Who had your favourite beauty look lately?

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