Ask a Hairstylist: The Best Cuts for Fine, Straight Hair and a Square Face

From polished to edgy.

Q: Hi Bill, I was wondering if you could give me your professional opinion of some cuts/lengths would look best with my face shape?

Jodie is looking for a cut that suits her square face shape.

Right now, my hair is cut in layers. It is naturally straight and fine, but there is actually quite a bit of it. I do not colour it. 

Jodie's straight hair is currently cut in layers.

I'm kind of a wash and go type of girl; pretty low-maintenance. Though I don't mind occasionally pulling out the curling iron, with the way it's cut now, I feel like I need to do something to it every day. But since that's not really "me," I end up pulling it up in a ponytail a lot! 

Jodie finds she has to curl her hair for the layers to look good.

I love the bob cuts that I am seeing everywhere, but there are so many different varieties, I can't choose. Thanks in advance! — Jodie

A: Jodie, thank you for your request for a consultation.

With your hair type, the more layering you do, the more work you have to put in.

All three of the pictures I have here are about the length that I would suggest.

My preference would be this cut, with the fringe, super-blunt ends and very few layers:

A straight, brunette bob with bangs.

The fringe will open up the eye area, and the more one-length cut will show off your natural colour.

Light will reflect off the surface of one-length hair, making it shinier as well. Layers can sometimes make hair look very dull. 

If you would like to keep your ends soft like this, cut them a bit shorter in the back:

Emma Stone at the 2015 premiere of 'Aloha.'

This will add more drama to what you already have and is just as easy.

Here is another option, getting your ends crisp without a fringe:

Heidi Klum at the 2009 launch of Victoria's Secret Perfect One bra.

Because your hair hangs straight, the best style for it should have the emphasis on the ends. Blunt looks more polished, while the softer ends are a bit edgier.


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