Ask a Hairstylist: How to Rock a Chemical Haircut When You Have Breakage

Styles that work with your shorter pieces.

Q: Hello, I would love some help! I had very light brown/dirty blonde hair as a child. All through the years, I had blonde highlights added at the salon, to the point where my hair was fully blonde. However, my roots had been coming in fairly dark, and the touch-up colour (box dye) was definitely wearing on the health of my hair. 

Julie hoped that dyeing her hair brown would help avoid damage from root touch-ups.

So, I recently decided to dye my hair brown to improve my hair, and so I wouldn't need to go near hair dye anymore. 

When I first went to go brunette, it was patchy. I tried darker, and it was too dark. Then I tried removing colour, and I ended up with orange. Currently. I'm back to dark since it covers everything. 

Julie's hair is naturally light brown/dirty blonde.

Since dyeing my hair multiple times to try to get the right shade of brown, my hair is very damaged. 

Julie's hair became very damaged after multiple rounds of colour.

Julie is looking for a hair colour and style that will hide the damage.

What style/colour (or anything else that could help!) do you recommend to hide the damaged hair and help enhance my look? My hair type has always been fine, but I have a lot of it, and it is naturally straight to wavy. I have a wider face, and it is wide when I smile. Thank you!! — Julie

A: Julie, what you currently have is a "chemical haircut." 

When you put your hair through so many processes, it is bound to break. Fortunately, yours has broken off into a cool rocker shag.

I happen to love shags… so I would rock this look, since you are already wearing it.

Here is a shape for you to try with a long fringe:

Kristen Stewart at the 2010 premiere of 'The Yellow Handkerchief.'

This shag with a bang would suit your face and your natural hair texture:

Shag haircut with bangs.

Throwing all caution to the wind… this chemically damaged look rocks as well:

The hair look at Tom Ford for Spring 2015.

I'm not one to encourage damaged hair, except when you want an edgier look. I figure the dark is very attractive on you, so keep it dark. 

This will get it healthier, and if you decide to take it to this extreme, stop colouring for some time to let it fade out and make it easier to bleach.

At this length, you can afford some damage and texture.

I hope this serves you well.


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