Ask a Hairstylist: How to Dye Over Bleached Ombré Hair

First, you need to fill your ends.

Q: Hello! I got my hair Ombré'd rather dramatically four or five months ago, and although I think it's beautiful, I'm getting quite tired of having to curl/style it every day. 

Amy is tired of always having to curl her Ombré hair.

I really like the burgundy/reddish brown colour that I've been seeing online, since it looks like the perfect shade for cold weather. What steps should I take to colour my hair into a rich burgundy shade at home? 

I don't mind having the ends of my hair lighter, if it must be that way, as long as it still looks flattering! This is the shade of burgundy I would like:

YouTuber Jaclyn Hill's burgundy hair.

Thank you! — Amy

A: Amy, thank you for the question. That tone is beautiful! 

In order to get this look, you need to fill the ends of your hair. That means putting back the missing pigment that was lifted. 

You need to put a red pure pigment on the Ombré'd ends for 15 minutes with 10 volume peroxide. 

Then, you can put your desired burgundy colour on top. I would do 25 minutes on the base and mid-shaft, and 20 minutes through the ends so you'll have an even colour. It will look great on you!

Demi Lovato at Seventeen's 2012 Power of Friendship Luncheon.

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