Amber Heard, Before and After

The beauty evolution of the 'Aquaman' star.
Amber Heard before and after

Amber Heard has the world's most perfect face.

At least that's what Dr. Julian De Silva, a London-based plastic surgeon, concluded when he analyzed the 33-year-old's features using computer mapping technology.

"The Phi ratio of 1.618 has long been thought to hold the secret for beauty," he says. After measuring Amber and other celebs across 12 key markers for the nose, lips, eyes, forehead, chin and facial symmetry and shape, he found that Amber came closest to the ancient Greek principles for physical perfection.

"[She] has the most beautiful face in the world, scoring a high 91.85 percent."

Of course, a plastic surgeon more than anyone would know that the so-called "perfect" facial proportions can be achieved by going under the knife. Funnily enough, Dr. De Silva's algorithm scored Kim Kardashian a 91.39 percent, and we all know there's nothing natural about her!

So did Amber also have a little help? Let's find out!

Amber in 2005

Amber Heard Teen People Artist of the Year Party 2005

Amber Heard at Teen People's 2005 Artist of the Year Party.

Our first shot is from back in 2005, when Amber was 19 years old. She's got the same dirty blonde hair colour, the same eyes and the same gorgeous skin. What's different compared to now? I think it's mainly to do with her mouth. For starters, we can see that her upper lip was naturally a lot thinner than the lower one.

Amber in 2006

Amber Heard Los Angeles Art Show Opening Night Gala 2006

Amber Heard at the 2006 Los Angeles Art Show Opening Night Gala.

In this more front-facing shot from 2006, we get a better look at her original nose. It does seem a little wider and more prominent compared to more recent photos. Also, her smile doesn't have that "Hollywood" look yet, I believe because she has a bit of an overbite. Note the thinner eyebrows, which were on trend back then.

Amber in 2007

Amber Heard Awards Season Diamond Show Fashion Preview 2007

Amber Heard at the 2007 Awards Season Diamond Show Fashion Preview.

In 2007, Amber was still au naturel (I think!). I'm pretty sure I wouldn't have recognized her in this shot. Again, the difference is all in the mouth—her overbite is causing her teeth to slightly protrude over her lower lip, and her top lip isn't nearly as full. The makeup is also washing out her complexion. I think the foundation is too matte and powdery, and could use some dimension from bronzer or blush.

Amber Heard The Beautiful Ordinary premiere 2007

Amber Heard at the 2007 premiere of 'The Beautiful Ordinary.'

Amber looks even less like herself in this shot. While her skin was super pale before, now she's got a deep tan and tons of blush. Plus, a very dated eye makeup application (nobody does smoky eyes like this now!). Then there's the hair, which is even lighter, with a '70s-inspired feathered cut. Isn't it crazy how her smile alone makes her look so different? 

Amber in 2008

Amber Heard Hot Hollywood Awards 2008

Amber Heard at the 2008 Hot Hollywood Awards.

In 2008, she cycled through several hair colours. First, it was back to her natural dirty blonde—but styled in these stiff, retro curls. (There was a real old Hollywood moment around this time, do you remember? Scarlett Johansson used to wear this type of look as well!) Amber's teeth are also brighter, although there are more changes to come. As for the "bunny lines" beside her nose, sometimes those can happen from Botox. But she was only 22 at this time... hmmm!

Amber Heard D&G Boutique Opening 2008

Amber Heard at a D&G boutique opening in 2008.

Who knew that Amber once had black hair? This is totally a Megan Fox aesthetic (she was at her peak popularity at this time!). I think Amber actually pulls the colour off fairly well, even with much lighter eyebrows. It really shows off her striking green eyes. 

Amber in 2009

Amber Heard The Informers Sundance premiere 2009

Amber Heard at the 2009 Sundance premiere of 'The Informers.'

By the following year, the black hair had faded into this deep brown, which Amber paired with a spray tan and spiky false lashes. From this angle, I'm noticing two things. With her mouth slightly open, she still has that slight overbite look (which she doesn't have now). Plus, her nose still has the same tiny bump on the bridge, just like in 2007. 

Amber Heard Virgin America Los Angeles to Fort Lauderdale Launch Party 2009

Amber Heard at Virgin America's 2009 Los Angeles to Fort Lauderdale launch party.

By the end of the year, it was back to light hair—but this time, a radical bleached platinum instead of her natural dark blonde. Not only is it too light for her skin tone, but the colour is uneven and looks really fried. She also returned to the retro waves and bright red lipstick. I think this combination makes her look a lot older than her 23 years!

Amber in 2010

Amber Heard Diesel Black Gold cocktail reception 2010

Amber Heard at Diesel's Black Gold cocktail reception in 2010.

Then came another dramatic transformation in 2010. To coincide with her first film roles as the female lead (in Drive Angry and The Rum Diary), she got an upgrade to both her hair colour and makeup. This warm blonde is a lot kinder to her skin tone, and the smoky eyes and flushed cheeks are super pretty. I don't think she changed anything further about her features at this time... but stay tuned!

Amber in 2011

Amber Heard Hollywood Film Awards 2011

Amber Heard at the 2011 Hollywood Film Awards.

The following year, Amber was a blonde again, but this time, it looks a lot more polished. Although I'm still not crazy about the colour, the sleek styling makes her look every bit the celebrity. Another observation: spray tans were a lot more obvious in this era! The same goes for the makeup, which is heavy-handed. As for her teeth, they're whiter and brighter than ever. I think she had veneers, since the sizes and shapes are different versus 2008. 

Amber in 2012

Amber Heard 24 Hour Plays on Broadway Gala 2012

Amber Heard at the 2012 24 Hour Plays on Broadway Gala.

At age 26, Amber had yet another hair colour change, and this one's my favourite of all, a warm medium brown. I can remember loving this at the time, and I feel the same way even now! Orange lipstick was a huge trend that year, and Amber is wearing it with beautiful fresh skin. Her brows have also filled in somewhat, compared to 2006. But there might be something else contributing to this look... a little tweak to her nose. Remember, celebs often change their hair at the same time, to throw us off!

Amber in 2013

Amber Heard Met Gala 2013

Amber Heard at the 2013 Met Gala.

Amber's brunette hair was equally gorgeous in 2013. I actually did a double take with this photo—at first glance, I thought it was Miranda Kerr! You have to admit, she looks very model-esque with the minimal makeup and side-swept, brushed-out waves.

Amber in 2014

Amber Heard Golden Globe Awards 2014

Amber Heard at the 2014 Golden Globe Awards.

I think 2014 was the year that Amber really "made it" as star, becoming a regular on the red carpet. The first thing that jumps out in this picture is her upper lip. Does it look fuller because the edge has been overdrawn with lip liner? Or did she have a little something injected? I'm not sure! 

Amber in 2015

Amber Heard The Adderall Diaries premiere 2015

Amber Heard at the 2015 premiere of 'The Adderall Diaries.'

Okay, by 2015, I definitely think Amber was dabbling with hyaluronic acid lip injections. See how the bottom side of her upper lip is kinda lumpy? She also has this same expression in 2007, and her upper lip did not have this much fullness. In other news, I think she finally landed on her "Life Colour" with this blonde. She has stayed close to this shade ever since!

Amber in 2016

Amber Heard Glamour Women of the Year Awards 2016

Amber Heard at the 2016 Glamour Women of the Year Awards.

Does Amber get prettier and prettier or what? She was 30 in this photo, and I'm loving the off-the-face updo and glowy makeup. Red lipstick has started to become her thing now (it also makes lip injections less obvious!). You'll notice that her mouth position seems more relaxed, possibly because her teeth are no longer protruding as much.

Amber in 2017

Amber Heard Art of Elysium Heaven Gala 2017

Amber Heard at the 2017 Art of Elysium Heaven Gala.

Hair and makeup always improve dramatically as people climb the celebrity ladder, and this look is no exception. The tousled beachy hair, brown smoky eyes, shaded brows, contoured cheeks and matte stained lips are all super sophisticated (and were no doubt executed by professionals). Notice how her upper lip now matches the size of her lower one.

Amber in 2018

Amber Heard Hollywood Foreign Press Association Grants Banquet 2018

Amber Heard at the Hollywood Foreign Press Association's 2018 Grants Banquet.

With a sleek ponytail and red lipstick, this ensemble was perhaps Amber's most grown-up look to date. See what I mean about the red lipstick camouflaging the plumped-up lip(s)? The makeup is good, although she is wearing a heavier layer of foundation. Her face also seems more angular now, perhaps from age, weight loss or stress. Truthfully, I think she looks a little tired. (Stars! They're just like us!)

Amber in 2019

Amber Heard Planned Parenthood of New York City Spring Gala 2019

Amber Heard at the Planned Parenthood of New York City 2019 Spring Gala.

That brings us to Amber's most recent pic—and even with red lipstick, these lips stand out. They're definitely the plumpest she's had to date, and are what got me thinking about this Before & After in the first place! Fortunately, they're balanced by super minimal makeup, an off-the-face hairstyle and her fullest brows yet.

Amber Heard Before and After

Amber Heard before and after

Amber Heard in 2007 (left) and in 2019 (right).

Amber Heard before and after

Amber Heard in 2006 (left) and in 2015 (right).

Before I started this Before & After, I assumed Amber underwent a few cosmetic tweaks in order to score so high with Dr. De Silva's algorithm

Specifically, I was thinking a nose job—just like the majority of celebs we've looked at in this column. Now that I've examined her red carpet photos, I still suspect that procedure. But this is one of the harder cases to tell for sure!

With her face angled to the side, there's not a significant difference in her profile over the years, except for possibly a less projected tip. When she's facing the camera, I can see she might have had some conservative sculpting to narrow her nostrils, and to create a more button-like tip. 

One thing I'm sure about, however—Amber made big changes to her lips and teeth!

There's no denying that she's experimented with lip injections these last few years, to increase the size of her upper lip.

What made the biggest difference was addressing her protruding teeth, probably with something like Invisalign's invisible braces. Now, when she smiles, her teeth no longer overlap her bottom lip. She also has a much whiter, more even smile, likely due to a combination of teeth whitening and porcelain veneers. 

When we think about plastic surgery, we don't usually think about cosmetic dentistry, but Amber's Before & After goes to show you how transformative it can be!

How do you feel about Amber's beauty evolution?
Which of these looks is your favourite?
What "beauty work" do you think she's had done?

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