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Amber Heard, Before and After

The beauty evolution of the 'Aquaman' star.
Amber Heard before and after

Amber Heard has the world's most perfect face. At least that's what Dr. Julian De Silva, a London-based plastic surgeon, concluded when he analyzed the 35-year-old's features using computer mapping technology.

"The golden ratio was a mathematical equation devised by the Greeks in an attempt to measure beauty," he explains in a recent blog post. "The premise behind this is that the closer the ratios of a face, body or room are to the number 1.62, the more beautiful it becomes."

After measuring Amber and other celebs across 12 key markers for the nose, lips, eyes, forehead, chin and facial symmetry and shape, he found that Amber came closest to the ancient Greek principles for physical perfection. "According to the research, the most beautiful female celebrity is Johnny Depp’s former wife Amber Heard, who was found to be 91.8% accurate to the Greek golden ratio of beauty."

Of course, a plastic surgeon would know better than anyone that the so-called "perfect" facial proportions can be achieved by going under the knife. Incidentally, Dr. De Silva's algorithm scored Kim Kardashian at 91.39%, and there's nothing natural about her!

So did Amber, too, get a little help? Let's take a look at her beauty evolution over the years to see what has (and hasn't) changed.

Amber in 2005

Amber Heard Teen People Artists of the Year Party 2005

Amber Heard at the 2005 Teen People Artists of the Year Party.

Our first shot dates back to 2005, when Amber was 19 years old. Already, she was lightening her natural brown hair colour to blonde, which somewhat washes her out. And what's different about her face compared to now? Her nose seems a bit more prominent, but I think it's mainly her mouth. For starters, we can see that her upper lip was a lot thinner than the lower one.

Amber in 2007

Amber Heard Awards Season Diamond Fashion Show Preview 2007

Amber Heard at the 2007 Awards Season Diamond Fashion Show Preview.

She struck almost the exact same pose two years later, and not much about her look had changed. Here, her hair is a darker blonde, and styled in the piecey waves that were popular during that era. Again, the key feature that stands out is her mouth. Besides her thinner top lip, she appears to have an overbite that is making her front teeth protrude over her lower lip. 

Amber Heard The Beautiful Ordinary Los Angeles premiere 2007

Amber Heard at the 2007 Los Angeles premiere of 'The Beautiful Ordinary.'

In this photo, Amber looks even less like herself. While her skin was super pale before, she's now rocking a deep spray tan and tons of blush. (Plus, I can't help but notice how out of style that smoky eye makeup looks, even though we all thought it was so "classic" at the time!) At least her hair is moving toward the golden tone that works best for her. Also note how her top lip is starting to become fuller.

Amber in 2008

Amber Heard Young Hollywood Awards 2008

Amber Heard at the 2008 Young Hollywood Awards.

At age 22, she leaned into the old Hollywood moment that was big in the mid-'00s, wearing a mane of retro-inspired ringlets with bold red lips and smoky eyes. (Remember how Scarlett Johansson used to wear this type of look as well?) She may have had her first round of dental work by this point, as her teeth seem whiter, and possibly more pushed back. 

Amber Heard DG flagship opening 2008

Amber Heard at the 2008 opening of the D&G flagship.

Who knew Amber once had black hair?! Between that and the precise, skinny eyebrows, this is such a Megan Fox aesthetic (who was at her peak popularity back then). But there's something else going on, with her lower face. Compared to 2007, she's lost a lot of fat there, and I'm not sure it's just from normal aging.

Amber in 2009

Amber Heard Art of Elysium Gala 2009

Amber Heard at the 2009 Art of Elysium Gala.

Out of all the photos, I found her to be the most unrecognizable in this one. She's still got the harsh black hair, and the way it's styled—plus the makeup—is so not her. But that's not the only reason she looks different. Besides the hollowed lower cheeks, her nose seems wider than it is now, with a slightly bulbous tip. Plus, she appears to have heavier upper eyelids, with more excess skin.

Amber Heard Whip It Los Angeles premiere 2009

Amber Heard at the 2009 Los Angeles premiere of 'Whip It.'

By the end of the year, it was back to blonde hair... or at least, an interesting mix of platinum roots and brassy ends. Not only is it too light for her skin tone, but the colour is uneven and looks really fried. I'm not sure what the two indentations on her cheek might indicate... could she have started with injections already, at 23?

Amber in 2010

Amber Heard Salt Los Angeles premiere 2010

Amber Heard at the 2010 Los Angeles premiere of 'Salt.'

Then, for a brief moment, Amber returned to her natural hair colour (which, until now, she'd never revealed on the red carpet). So much better than the extreme black or blonde, yes? You can also see the improvements made to her smile (although more are forthcoming). It's funny how the messy updo, brown eyeshadow, pink lipstick and dusting of body glitter seem so dated now.

Amber in 2011

Amber Heard Hollywood Film Awards Gala 2011

Amber Heard at the 2011 Hollywood Film Awards Gala.

Alas, the brunette didn't last, and it was back to a brassy, unnatural-looking blonde (with eyebrows to match!) the following year. Together with the false lashes, heavy-handed makeup and bright, white teeth, she looks more like a newscaster than Hollywood's next big star. Speaking of teeth, these look like veneers, but they're a little too big for her face. Her nose is also looking quite sculpted all of a sudden.

Amber in 2012

Amber Heard Metropolitan Opera House Manon 2012

Amber Heard at a 2012 Metropolitan Opera House performance of 'Manon.'

I suspect it was around 2012—the same year she began dating Johnny Depp—that Amber underwent some further enhancements to her facial features. Here, her teeth are the right size for her mouth, her top lip is more in balance, and her eyelids may even have been tweaked for a more wide-open look. Of course, the overall styling is much improved, particularly her dye job. Suddenly, she has that star quality!

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Amber in 2013

Amber Heard Paranoia Los Angeles premiere 2013

Amber Heard at the 2013 Los Angeles premiere of 'Paranoia.'

Finally, at age 27, she said goodbye to light blonde and hello to her (much more flattering) natural brunette. Also notice the lighter touch on the makeup, the subtle spray tan, and how her features are all in perfect balance. I'm especially marvelling over how much her smile has transformed compared to 2005-2007. 

Amber in 2014

Amber Heard Golden Globes 2014

Amber Heard at the 2014 Golden Globes.

I think 2014 was the year that Amber really "made it" as a celebrity, becoming a regular in the tabloids and on the red carpet. She certainly made a statement with this bouffant updo and bold, brown-toned eyeshadow. (And to show off the latter, she seems to have more lid space available now.) With an open mouth smile, we can see how much the size, shape and position of her teeth have changed.

Amber in 2015

Amber Heard Magic Mike XXL Los Angeles premiere 2015

Amber Heard at the 2015 Los Angeles premiere of 'Magic Mike XXL.'

By 2015, it becomes rather obvious that she was dabbling with hyaluronic acid lip fillers, at least in her top lip. There's been a dramatic increase in volume since 2005, particularly if you look at the outer corners (which used to disappear). In other news, I think she finally landed on her "Life Colour" with this warm, dark honey blonde. 

Amber in 2016

Amber Heard Glamour Women of the Year Awards 2016

Amber Heard at the 2016 Glamour Women of the Year Awards.

Does Amber get prettier and prettier or what? She was 30 in this photo, and even with her hair scraped into an unforgiving tight updo, she looks flawless. Red lipstick is becoming her thing, now that her lips are more equal in volume. Compared to 2009, I can also see changes to her eyelids, nose and maybe even chin. 

Amber in 2017

Amber Heard Unite4Humanity Gala 2017

Amber Heard at the 2017 Unite4:Humanity Gala.

Next, she stepped out in the same hairstyle she wore back in 2011, but what a difference a few years make! The spray tan and bleached blonde hair have been replaced by her natural skin tone and darker roots. Her top lip is also fuller, her teeth less protruding, her nose more petite, and her brows higher up.

Amber in 2018

Amber Heard Hollywood Foreign Press Association Grants Banquet 2018

Amber Heard at the 2018 Hollywood Foreign Press Association Grants Banquet.

With a slicked-back ponytail and red lip, this might be Amber's most grown-up ensemble yet. Truthfully, I think she looks a little tired here, even though she's wearing an extra-illuminating foundation to reflect the light. There's also an angular quality to her face that wasn't there before, I suspect due to filler injected in her cheeks. See how they jut out unnaturally in the area beside her eyes? 

Amber in 2019

Amber Heard Puma x Balmain launch event 2019

Amber Heard at the 2019 Puma x Balmain launch event.

In 2019, she tried out yet another shade of blonde—light and cool-toned—which she wore with pale skin and an intense red lip stain. The latter doesn't obscure what appear to be her plumpest lips to date (they're actually what inspired me to start investigating her transformation!). Her cheeks apparently got the same treatment, as they've also become more prominent, just like the previous year.

Amber in 2020

Amber Heard Independent Spirit Awards 2020

Amber Heard at the 2020 Independent Spirit Awards.

That brings us to Amber's most recent red carpet appearance, and I think she's more beautiful than ever. The injections have settled, and now I'd never guess that her lips or cheeks were filled. (She still has her Cupid's bow, for example, which often disappears when people use too much—like Selena Gomez.) She hasn't resorted to Botox yet, if the faint fine lines around her eyes and on her forehead are any indication.

Amber in 2021

Amber Heard 2021

Amber Heard in 2021.

So far in 2021, we've had to rely on Instagram for glimpses of Amber, such as this rare bare-faced selfie. I can't help but notice her full brows, and even if they've been enhanced with powder, she's very lucky (based on how skinny they were a decade ago!). Her lip and cheek fillers may have deflated a tad during quarantine, and overall, she's looking quite natural.

Amber Heard Before and After

Amber Heard before and after

Amber Heard in 2007 (left) and in 2019 (right).

Before I examined Amber's beauty evolution, I assumed she probably had a little work done in order to score so high with Dr. De Silva's algorithm. But I never would have guessed it was so extensive!

Rhinoplasty is the most common celebrity surgery, and so I was expecting to see evidence of that here. Her nose was already straight, but I think she had some extremely subtle refinements to the tip and the area beside the nostrils for a narrower, more button-like shape. (This is even more evident when her face is angled to one side, so compare her identical pose in 2009 versus 2018.)

I also believe she may have had one of the most under-the-radar procedures that celebs (like Jennifer Lawrence) are having done: blepharoplasty. This removes some excess eyelid skin, so the eyes look more wide-open. 

But the most dramatic changes were to her lips, teeth and lower face. First of all, it's obvious that she gets filler to increase the size of her upper lip, which was significantly thinner in her younger years. 

Her front teeth no longer overlap her bottom lip, so she probably used something like Invisalign, along with bleaching and porcelain veneers to perfect their colour and shape. 

Since it's common to have a recessed chin when you have an overbite, she may have put filler or an implant there to bring more balance to her face. As for her lower cheeks, remember that they went from being full at age 21 to gaunt just one year later. So I suspect she had some type of fat removal there, too.

All in all, Amber may have had multiple procedures, but the outcome was undeniably positive. When we think about plastic surgery, we don't usually think about cosmetic dentistry—but these results show you how transformative it can be!

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