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Ariana Grande, Before and After

The beauty evolution of the pop singer and ‘Victorious’ star.
Ariana Grande before and after

As anyone who reads my red carpet reports knows, I’ve got my celebrity beauty crushes... and then I’ve got my people like Ariana Grande. 

With her ever-present ponytail, oversized false lashes and mask-like makeup, she has developed a very particular beauty aesthetic—which couldn’t be further from mine. It’s the “Sexy Baby” concept, as Vice has called it[1] (and includes a wardrobe rotation of racy, lingerie-like outfits that wouldn’t look out of place on a Bratz! doll).

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Even still, those things don’t really bother me. What I actually find unsettling is the development of what I like to call her Resting Smug Face. Or, as Buzzfeed puts it: “Have you noticed that Ariana Grande always looks like she’s politely listening to a very bad joke?”[2]

But things weren’t always this way. 

I, for one, suspect that cosmetic interventions may have played a role in 28-year-old Ariana’s dramatic transformation. Here’s how her look has changed from back in her Nickelodeon days until now. 

From 2008: Before She Was Famous

From 2009-2013: The Nickelodeon Years

Ariana Grande Holiday of Hope Tree Lighting and One Hope Benefit 2009
Ariana Grande Victorious promotional appearance 2010
Ariana Grande Angel Awards 2011
Ariana Grande Variety Power of Youth event 2012
Ariana Grande Radio Disney Music Awards 2013
Ariana Grande Billboard Music Awards 2013

From 2014-2016: Global Pop Stardom

Ariana Grande Teen Choice Awards 2014
Ariana Grande Grammys 2015
Ariana Grande Grammys 2016
Ariana Grande MTV Video Music Awards 2016

From 2018-2021: A New Aesthetic

Ariana Grande Met Gala 2018
Ariana Grande Grammys 2020

Ariana Grande Before and After

Ariana Grande before and after