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Reviewed: Armani Eye Tints (They’re Creamy, Shimmery and Most Importantly, Crease-Proof)

But are these eyeshadows worth the hype?

Maybe you've noticed. I rarely review eyeshadow. (Go on, look here if you don't believe me.)

That's because my eyeshadow preferences are fairly specific. With hooded eyes, shadow tends to disappear unless you take it above the crease, which I'd only do at the outer edges in a darker colour—like Marc Jacobs Stardust, reviewed here—for evening. (Daytime smoky eyes aren't happening here.) Most of the time, my go-to look is just a simple, neutral, all-over champagne shimmer. 

I also prefer to use cream formats, not powders. Creams are usually softer and more shimmery, and to me that looks better than matte (or sparsely shimmered) powders. They're also easier to apply, require no priming step and generally have less chance of creasing on me.

But cream eyeshadows don't cross my desk too often, you know? So obviously, I couldn't wait to try these out when they did:

The new Giorgio Armani Eye Tints in 1 Obsidian, 4 Émeraude and 12 Gold Ashes.

You're looking at the new Eye Tints from Giorgio Armani. Think creamy, shimmery, intensely-pigmented colour in a wet-to-dry formula that claims to be smudge-proof and crease-proof for 16 full hours. 

I have to say, I like where they're going with this. I've known and loved cream shadows in pot form, and in stick form, so why not lip gloss form like these ones?

Here are the applicators:

The lip gloss-like wands of the new Giorgio Armani Eye Tints.

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I think you're meant to apply directly onto your lids, and then smudge into place with a fingertip. I would do this before mascara, to avoid getting any on your lashes and to get as close as possible to to the lash line.

Let's get into the swatches now, shall we? There are 12 shades in total and, as you can see, I was sent three to try:

Swatches of Giorgio Armani Eye Tints in 1 Obsidian, 4 Émeraude and 12 Gold Ashes.

The darkest is 1 Obsidian. It looks quite shimmery and almost a deep midnight blue in the bottle, but on the skin, it reads more flat and black. The wand tends to dab on much more than you need, and it takes some finessing to sheer it out so it's more wearable (unless you like heavy black eyeshadow, that is!). Ultimately, I found this one just too hard to work with. The black is unforgiving and I didn't feel like I had enough time to get it precisely where I wanted it. 

The green one is 4 Émeraude, a shimmering emerald. My feelings are much the same as with 1 Obsidian, and in a way this colour is even harder to use because it's so very iridescent and so, well, GREEN. I had a hard time getting it in place before the dry-down, and then it was like "Hey everyone! Look at me, I'm wearing green eyeshadow!!!" I just feel like these wands don't lend themselves to precision, and with this colour and texture, you need more control.

Fortunately, there's one redeeming shade here and that is 12 Gold Ashes. Not sure why it's called that, as to me it's more a light, pinky champagne than a gold. Anyway, it is gorgeous and easily a new favourite in my shadow collection. Because it's so light, you don't have to worry about sheering out the pigment, and can just dab it on straight from the wand without too much fussing around. It's definitely the most shimmery of the bunch and catches a lot of light for an almost wet-looking eye. I just love it with a strong fringe of lashes! And the wear time is exactly as they say... I haven't had it crease on me AT ALL.

So the bottom line? Skip the dark and colourful shades in this range—you'll be too frustrated and there are better options available, such as the Marc Jacobs Twinkle Pops

But if you like a wash of neutral shimmer like I do, then the lighter shades in these Eye Tints—12 Gold Ashes, above, 11 Rose Ashes, a light rose gold, or 9 Cold Copper, a light beige shimmer—would all be perfect!

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