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How to Dip-Dye Brown Hair at Home

Options for going lighter, darker, or super-colourful.
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Coco Rocha's dip-dyed hair.

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Q: Can you dip-dye dark brown hair? How could I do it at home? — Alana

A: Alana, depending on the colour you want, there are a few ways you can do dip-dye on brown hair.

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If you want to go lighter, go Ombré. Dip your ends in a high-lift lightener with 30-volume developer for about 15 minutes. Make it runny and choose random pieces—no perfect pieces—and at minimum three inches away from each other. Keep your eye on it if you don't want it to go too light.

You can stop here if you want a tone-on-tone effect with brown hair and light brown or blonde ends.

If you want a shade like pink, then use a deposit pink dye for about 15 minutes over the lightened ends.

If you want to darken your ends, dip them in a deposit dark brown dye for about 15 minutes. (As with the above process, make it runny and choose random, imperfect pieces three inches away from each other.) Make sure to keep your eye on how it develops if you don't want it to go too dark.

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