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Bella Thorne, Before and After

The beauty evolution of the 'Shake It Up' star.

It's hard to believe Bella Thorne is only a teenager. It feels like we've seen her on red carpets for ages—and we have! 

Her first movie job was in 2003, age 6, and she's been appearing on film and television in the 12 years since (most famously, in the Disney series Shake It Up, as well as Big Love and My Own Worst Enemy). She's pretty much a red carpet veteran at this point.

But it's not just her many projects that make Bella seem more mature than her years. Based on the photos below, I'm thinking surgical interventions, and I'm thinking Kylie Jenner wasn't the only 17-year-old to dabble in them. Know what I'm sayin'?

Let's investigate!

Bella in 2010

Bella Thorne at the 2010 premiere of 'Oceans'.

Bella was 13 here, and a far cuter 13-year-old than anyone I knew at that time. She was such a natural beauty with the auburn hair, big brown eyes and rosy cheeks. (Although apparently even the hair is not real here; she has said she's a natural blonde.)

Bella in 2011

Bella Thorne at the 2011 HTC EVO 3D Launch Party.

Wait—this is a 14-year-old? Could've fooled me. Bella's transformation just a year later is incredibly dramatic. Hair has been dyed an extreme red, and layered to max, with tons of makeup. Not exactly age-appropriate. But this is before the "tweaks" started, so you can see her real nose and real lips.

Bella Thorne at the 2011 Kids' Choice Awards.

Yep, this isn't the nose she has now. However, Bella has kept fairly close to this lighter, strawberry hair colour to this day. (I'm pretty sure we're looking at some help from extensions for the length.)

Bella in 2012

Bella Thorne at the 2012 Nylon Magazine 13th Anniversary Celebration.

Aw, she looks super-normal and cute in this pic. Sure, the hair is very styled, and she's wearing cool eye makeup—but I'm not getting that slightly plastic vibe that I get with her now (as if something is not from nature, but you can't quite place what).

Bella Thorne at the 2012 premiere of 'Brave'.

Adorbs! She was 15 here, and again, on a whole other level to what 15-year-olds looked like in my circles. But to me, her facial features still look natural here, and the styling is fairly low-key (at least compared to that first 2011 shot).

Bella in 2013

Bella Thorne at the 2013 premiere of 'Spring Breakers'.

She still hadn't touched her lips in first half of 2013. Right? I don't even think her lips are thin, just normal! She looks like a teen dream here with the playful pink 'n' purple makeup, and the braided updo. 

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From The Skincare Edit Archives

Bella Thorne at the 2013 Teen Vogue Back to School event.

The first appearance of the lip injections! This was for a "back to school" event, and what says back to school like a needleful of hyaluronic acid? (I kid, I kid.) I think her first foray into injectables was pretty disastrous, as even Nicole Kidman's lips don't look this obviously plumped. Also, she was only 16 here. Sixteen! What business do 16-year-olds have getting Restylane?

Bella in 2014

Bella Thorne at the 2014 InStyle and Warner Bros. Golden Globes after-party.

At least the lips had settled down by early 2014. In this pic, her look seems closer to the Bella from before, just more styled. (See how their styling improves, the more famous they get?) Not sure if her nose job happened yet—it's hard to tell, but I'm thinking no.

Bella Thorne at the 2014 Teen Choice Awards.

I knew there was something different when I first saw this photo last year! Even though I think she looks ridiculously gorgeous—it's kind of an otherworldly gorgeous, isn't it? Like nobody is actually born this way. Compared to before, her nose is much more refined, and her lips very plumped. The tone-on-tone makeup, hair and skin all add to the effect.

Bella in 2015

Bella Thorne at the 2015 People's Choice Awards.

You can really see how much her lips have changed here. With the shimmery red colour, it's like, BAM! Look at mah lips. I really find the upper one too much—how it's splitting in the middle with the fat on either side. Notice how she's gone a little darker with her hair colour. Despite the lips, still very, very pretty.

Bella Thorne at the 2015 New York Spring Spectacular.